Fix PUBG Network Error, Login Failed Check Network Settings Error

Fix PUBG Network Error, Login Failed Check Network Settings Error

PUBG is one of the most popular mobile games existing today. People are spending hours and hours in this virtual battleground while trying to try things. It is not an exaggeration to say that PUBG has more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store and the number is only a little less on the iOS store. However, a thing that exhausts most of the people while playing  is the PUBG network error. While errors are common in the gaming world, things get frustrating when they happen just before you are about to kill someone or win a bonus. Out of all the issues in PUBG, the most persisting one is the network error. There are various reasons that doesn’t let PUBG to connect to the server. Let’s discuss each of the reasons in detail:

PUBG Network Error:

Server Outage or Maintenance:

Most PUBG connection issues are because there is an ongoing server outage or server maintenance issue. Due to the heavy work load, game servers go down from time to time. If you encounter such problems in the game, know that you’re not the one at fault. Wait till the gaming team resolves the issue and get back to your original gaming mode.

Local connectivity issue:

Most people assume that there is an internal problem soon after they see a network error on the display screen. Sometimes, PUBG fails to connect to the network because of your inconsistent mobile data or WiFi network. In such cases, it is recommended to turn the switch off and turn it on again to fastly connect to the game. But if you have a week internet connection that disrupts your play often, it is advised to fetch a better network for extended gaming experience. An important thing about local connectivity issue is that it can happen even when your router, modem or hotspot is not entirely functional. Check if they are working before you complain to the concerned network operator. Change the firmware to get a better connection and if that’s not the problem, raise a complain about internet disconnections or blackouts.

Application bugs and issues:

Not all apps work the same with all mobile devices. The compatibility of a mobile application differs from one phone to another because of the installed software. As PUBG is a heavy game, it is quite possible that the app’s cache to get corrupted when you’re installing the app. In other cases, the game might not have been launched properly leading to an unstable server connection.

Disrupted Internet Connection/ Network Error:

Slow connection can cause bigger problems than the lack of connectivity and application bugs while playing PUBG Mobile. Irrespective of the type of connection (be it mobile data or WiFI), it is important to make sure that you’re connected to an internet that has a speed of 5Mbps on an average. The kind of connection will avoid you the hassles of disconnection, lag and performance. If you’re one of those people using cellular data, ensure that you are on LTE network for full connectivity. Even less reliable than the WiFi, the mobile data helps you in playing efficiently.

Fixing the Network Error or Connectivity Issue of PUBG Mobile:

To get over all these possible reasons for network issues, here are few steps to fix the connection/network error issues while playing the PUBG Mobile:



Restarting the smartphone:

A lot of times, all you have to do is a simple reboot. Turn your phone off, wait for fewer seconds and then turn it on before restarting the phone.

Verifying the server status:

Initially, it is important to check the server status to discard the possible reason that server outage is the issue behind that. When the problem is not even present at your end, you don’t have to waste a lot of time in trouble shooting the network, the app and the mobile. Just go and visit the updates on the official twitter page of PUBG Mobile. If not, you can easy third party tools like down detector for ongoing issues. Close the app, restart the PUBG game and relaunch to fix the server issues.

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Installing the updates:

As mentioned above, to get rid of the app bugs and issues, the best you can do is to check if your phone is running on the updated software version. If not, try to install the update and start it. All the latest software is compatible with the PUBG game and therefore, the possibility of app crash lessens the chance of bugs. Be sure that your PUBG app is also updated so that they can automatically notify you whenever there is an update. Make sure that you have signed in to know if you need updates on the game or the software.

Switch to WiFi Connection:

If you only rely on the mobile data during the gaming, you should try using the WiFi instead. There is a higher possibility that that the WiFi will not cause any server connections. If there is an unavailability of WiFi in your place, you can troubleshoot the mobile connection. The advanced network error can be resolved by changing DNS servers or acquiring assistance.

Check for the reduced bandwidth:

Bandwidth might also be an issue for your network error. In few cases, PUBG Mobile app confronts network error because the phone has low bandwidth. Devices that are running on lowest bandwidth don’t download needed files and don’t stream videos. Following that, try disconnecting other devices from the WiFi network before launching the game to resolve the bandwidth issue.

Troubleshooting the added network:

Restarting the modem, hotspot or the router can help in fixing the device connection issues and the server connection issues. Try to turn the router off and unplug the device from the power outlet for atleast a minute. After that, turn the device on and see if all the issues are resolved. Verify the Internet Service Provider and see if it needs a firmware update.

PUBG Login Issue:

All of the issues can help resolve the network error in few minutes. But, after the ban of PUBG, there have been few failures with the login attempts. The app has prevented many people from logging into the game and play it. In such cases, either you can go the advanced settings of the WiFi and change your DNS. But most people do not have such knowledge regarding the proxies. A simple solution for it is to:

1. Install app from the playstore that can act as warp.
2. Launch the mobile and see if you’re able to log in.
3. Keep the app running and open the app to see if the warp is disconnected.
4. Connect the warp and see if the app is functioning.
5. Navigate to PUBG and try logging in with Facebook or Gmail.
6. You will now be logged in without any network issues or login issues. WARP WARP

The minor drawbacks of using the DNS block app are that there will be inconsistencies with ping and matchmaking changes. Other than that, you can try using multiple VPNs that act with all the apps or go to the region settings on Android and change the region for playing the game smoothly with an ease. If you have any other issues regarding the same, approach us in the comment section for easy solutions.

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