Restore deleted apps on iPhone & iPad- Complete Guide

Restore deleted apps on iPhone & iPad- Complete Guide

Apple has been one of the leading mobile companies in the world. There are over two million apps in its App Store. And updates thousands of apps every week. Security researchers say the iPhone is the safest and secure device. And allows users to trust Apple devices with their most private info. Here is the complete guide on how to restore deleted apps on iPhone & ipad
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restore deleted apps on iphone

restore deleted apps on iphone

Restore deleted apps on iPhone & iPad


If you deleted applications on your iPhone Or If you want to see the entire history of previously downloaded applications, don’t worry, just follow these simple steps to restore deleted apps on iPhone or ipad.

1. To see all the apps that are currently on your phone and to recover any that you have deleted in the past, just simply click on the app store.

2. Go to profile→click purchased → click on my purchases.

3. You will get all the apps on your phone, if you see an open option on the right side of any app that means that the app is on your phone or if you see the cloud with the down arrow that means they are not on your phone.

4. If you want to sort through the ones that are not on your phone, simply click on the “Not On This Phone” tab at the upper right.

5. There you’ll find those apps that are deleted previously, to recover just click on the cloud with the down arrow button to reinstall that deleted application.

6. If you paid for an app, you don’t have to pay again as long as it is the same account.

7. To check if the app is restored, Go back to the home screen or search for the app in the search tab.


restore deleted apps on iphone

restore deleted apps on iphone


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Apple Fears Sideloading:

Sideloading in simpler terms is copying or installing files between any two local devices. Instead of downloading them directly from their respective approved or official online stores

This isn’t safe or secure in many cases, as it may come with hidden malware.

Recently, with an increasing pressure on Apple to allow side loading in IOS and iPad OS platforms. It has released its 16page newest privacy document titled “Building a trusted ecosystem for millions of Apps”. This report gives a brief outlook on the real-world attacks on the platforms that allow side loading. How it violates the individual’s privacy and the way Apple’s app review process protects its users from malicious activities. Erik Neuenschwander, head of Apple’s user privacy states that IOS is the choice for best privacy and security policy, and regarding macOS allowing sideloading but not iPhone, he states the users carry iPhone with them all the time which contains sensitive information which giving attackers more chances to trap users.

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