In the modern world, mobile phones play a significant role. With the current pandemic situation and social distancing, the demand for Android mobiles has gone uphill. Smartphones have become a necessity now, while a decade ago, it was a luxury. A household is not complete nowadays without a smartphone. From online classes to learn new languages, you can do anything with it. Many social media apps and different kinds of apps that help you earn can also be installed and accessed by anyone. An Android phone has become less expensive over the years, making it extremely successful over a decade. The phones keep updating, and their efficiency to work and multi-task keeps growing every day. Here is the complete guide by ishoutech for fixing the virtual error on Nox player.

A gist about android app emulators.

Though these smartphones are designed for multi-tasking, they cannot manage all the files that run in the taskbar background. The user will have to uninstall or delete a few apps, install new ones with better speed and updates and boost the phone’s speed to make it’s functioning faster. To avoid this, android app emulators were created. They stand as a bridge between Personal computers and an android based mobile phone.

A quick view about Nox player.

Nox player is the most advanced of all the emulators that exist. For starters, the Nox app player is precisely a developer on the Android 4.4.1 Kitkat version. This means that you can play nearly all apps that are compatible with the Kitkat version of Android can be played. Most of the android emulators available for Windows PC are based on older Android versions except this. And this makes it fascinating. Nox app player can be considered the most efficient android emulator available in the market for both Windows (7,8,10) and Mac. The simple interface, stability, powerful performance, and compatibility with all Windows versions make it the best. It is normal to face some irritating problems with the Nox player on your Windows PC, like being stuck or giving virtual machine error.

nox player emulator
nox player emulator

Nox App Player Virtual Error:

Let us now see how to fix Nox app player virtual machine error and being stuck in a Windows PC. When a Nox app player gets stuck, or you find the complaint of a virtual machine error, the first and foremost thing you should do is call customer service. But there is a list of things a user could do to fix it too. While calling customer service and asking for technical help is legit, sometimes, you can do certain things that can be easily done to sort out a problem instead of immediately ringing them up.

virtual error for nox player
virtual error for nox player

If the Nox player runs on a 64 but windows or windows 7, the user is advised to check if there exists a Bignox folder under the c:\ Program Files.
If it does, double click on ‘uninst’ that is seen on the Bignox folder.
After that, restart the nox player.
If this does not work, the user is advised to look for the settings of the firewall.
It is instructed to check whether access to all the programs has been closed. If it is a yes, then it has to be enabled.
Then the user is instructed to locate a file whose extension is ‘inf’ and is under the path c:\ Program files\ Bignox\Bignox\ M\Rt\ Drivers \ Mqxdrv

How to fix Nox Player Virtual Error, Stuck in Windows

  • Right-click, click on ‘install’.
  • Then, restart the box player again.
  • Another way to correct this error is by checking on the anti-virus software.
  • Switch off the anti-virus in your system.
  • After switching off, try restarting the box player again.
  • Then check if other emulators are running in the background.
  • If they do, please end them.
  • After ending, restart the nox player again.

Furthermore, if the nox player does not work, the user is advised to uninstall and re-install the nox player. While re-installing, make sure that the version they installed is the newest and if it is from the official website.

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What to do if Nox player gets stuck?

If the nox player gets stuck in the middle, then one could follow a few steps to rectify it. For all android emulators, the Virtual machine stands as the foundation. Therefore if you face a virtual machine error in your nox player, you can use the steps mentioned below. Enabling VT is essential. VT stands for Virtualisation Technology. Enabling virtualisation technology on the PC must be done.

nox player struck
nox player struck

Fixing The Error

  • To enable it, one must first check the BIOS type.
  • To check the BIOS type, open the dialog box and type ‘Dxdiag’
  • Press the enter key.
  • In the window that opens after that, we can see the BIOS information of our system.

After finding out the type of BIOS, the user is advised to search on Google, what are the steps to enable the Virtual Technology for that particular BIOS.
Before doing this, the user is asked to check whether their PC supports Virtual Technology VT-x.

=> To check whether it supports or not, the user must download a tool named LeoMoon CPU-v from the google platform. This tool will help us check whether the PC supports Virtual technology and tells if it is turned on.
=> The user is then asked to check the graphics card in the system. If the graphics card has openGL version, which is lesser than 2.0, then the user is advised to change the graphics card. The user can also try changing the file system from FAT32 to NTFS. It is because the FAT32 file system has a maximum storage limit to it, while the other one does not have one. If the error message comes with a message of 99℅ done, it means that the system needs repair. To rectify that, the user has to download the Windows Repair software or the disc checker from the system utility.


Using the steps mentioned above and tricks, one can understand the error in their nox player and rectify it. Most major errors that occur in the system are listed above. And the solutions to them are mentioned as well. Therefore the user is recommended to read this article entirely and follow the instructions to fix the problems they are facing with their nox player.

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