SHAREit for PC Windows 10/8/7 MAC-Download & Install {Latest Version}

SHAREit for PC Windows 10/8/7 MAC-Download & Install {Latest Version}

SHAREit for PC: Hanging out in a huge friends group is fun. Taking pictures endlessly, every minute is even more fun. However, transferring the pictures from your friend’s mobile to your phone or PC is not. Transferring files take an enormous amount of time. It always involves a great deal of work as well. Selecting pictures one by one, choosing recipients, searching for them, etc. Even after all that work, some applications allow you to send your files only to a limited number of recipients. Apart from these, the quality of the files remains a question mark. So, should you stop sharing at all? Of course not. Here is the complete guide on how to download Shareit for Pc / Mac & Windows.

SHAREit For PC & Windows

To erase out the entire above-mentioned burden, there is a precious application named Shareit. Shareit is an application, mainly used for sharing purposes. It helps you transfer files from one device to another in a matter of seconds. Unlike other applications, this one does not consume more time or energy. Most of the applications that help share files swallow your mobile data vigorously. However, Shareit outstands them by consuming minimum to no data. The most appealing feature of this application is that you can transfer your files to both a mobile and a personal computer. As you dig down deeper in this article, you will find different methods of downloading Shareit on your PC. Besides, you will find a small guide that leaves you a set of instructions on how to use Shareit for PC and few top features of the application.

shareit for pc & mac

shareit for pc & mac

Download Shareit  for Pc:

Listed below are the simple steps you must follow to download Shareit on PC

Step 1: Go to the Shareit website.

The first and foremost step you must follow is to go to the official website of Shareit.

shareit for windows

shareit for windows

Step 2: Download Shareit PC the installer.

After you reach the official website, you would be able to see a Windows button. You have to click that button. On clicking, the application’s Windows version will start downloading on your computer. Give it some time to download.

download installer

download installer

Step 3: Run the Installer

After the completion of the second step, you can see the Shareit.exe file downloaded to your PC. Double click on the file. Then, you will see a popup appear on your computer screen. From the popup menu, select the RUN button.

run as administrator

run as administrator

Step 4: Proceed with the installation

After the third step, a new popup will appear on the screen. In the new popup, you have to click on the Yes button. After that, click on the accept button and then follow all the instructions that appear on the screen to install the application.

accept administrator for shareit on pc

accept administrator for shareit on pc

The steps we have listed above are the ones you must use if you are downloading the Shareit application on a PC. However, you cannot use the same procedure if you are trying to download the same application on MAC. That requires a whole different set of steps.

Steps to download Shareit for Mac

Now, let us discuss how to download the Shareit application on Mac.

 1: The first step is the same as the one we used while downloading the application on a PC. You must go to the official website of the application.

 2: When you enter the official Shareit website, you will be able to spot a Mac button on the very homepage of it. Click on the Mac button.

 3: After the second step, you will see the download process starting on your Mac screen. Once the file gets downloaded completely, double click on it.

 4: Accept the license agreement that appears on the screen.

 5: Follow all the screen instructions you see, to install the application.

 6: Run the application.

The steps we have listed above are all that you need to use Shareit on your Mac computer.The instructions above tell you how to download and install the application on your PC and Mac.

However, you cannot find the answer to how to use the application for PC until you scroll down. If you have the question “How to use Shareit for PC?” on your mind, then keep reading the article.

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How to use Shareit on Pc

  •  Firstly, launch the application on your PC or Mac computer.
  •  After launching, you can see that Shareit starts searching for a Shareit connection by default.
  •  You have to open Shareit on the device you have the files that need transferring.
share it for widows pc

share it for widows pc

  •  From the application on the device, select between send or receive.
  •  After selection, the application will create a connection.
  • From the application on your desktop, look for any upcoming connection.
  • Select the connection- the device from which you want to get your files transferred.
  • Make sure that both the devices are connected. (Your phone and your PC or Mac)
  •  Select the files you want to share or transfer.
  • Select send from the device you are sending the files.
  • Agree on the other device to receive the files from the mobile.
  • Wait until the files get transferred. This step might just take a few seconds or minutes based on the size of the file you are sharing.
select files

select files

Well, that is how you use the Shareit application for PC. We hope you were able to find the answers to the question on your mind.

Top features of Shareit application.

  1. Firstly, Shareit is a cost-free application.
  2. Shareit application enables you to connect two devices over a wireless connection directly.
  3. The application enables you to send files from a computer to another without setting up a LAN connection.
  4. Shareit is a multi-platform tool, which makes it possible for you to connect a computer to an android, iPhone, or windows phone. It also allows you to connect your Windows computer to a Mac.
  5. The transferring speed of files in Shareit is comparatively higher than LAN or Bluetooth connection.
  6. This application allows you to send every file type such as .exe, .msi, etc. apart from files such as video, audio, or images.

We hope this article was worth the time you spent reading it. Sharing is caring, they say. What are you waiting for? Go; share your favorite group pictures with all your friends with a simple touch. Happy sharing!

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