Restore WhatsApp Backup on Android & iOS – Complete Guide

Restore WhatsApp Backup feature has been one of the best features for use over a while. There are some WhatsApp conversations which are quite important and even there are some which we want don’t want to lose anyway. Thus, in that case, restoring the chats and the backup is something that saves us from losing the conversations completely. There are a couple of steps which are to be taken for getting the backup restored. So here is a complete guide on “how to restore whatsapp backup”.

Recent Updates on Whatsapp Backup Options

The process of backups has been changed in many ways by WhatsApp. According to the latest announcement of WhatsApp, the backup chats saved in the Google drive, which is not used for a year. Thus, this has been effective later in the year 2018.

Why do we need Whatsapp Backup ?

WhatsApp is one of the most prominently used applications for chatting. There are many important chats in WhatsApp, and thus, it is important to restore the backup of the chats. The loss of data is something that cannot be incurred. This is why it is strongly recommended to restore Whatsapp chat

Why to go for Whatsapp Backup Service?

If you are using your WhatsApp on your desktop and want to back up there, then you can face the same problems which are prone to all the other file. And, if your hard drive fails, then there is no other way to get back the restored data. If you want to save your messages from the scrutiny of Google, then Google Drive is even not a legit option for you.

Thus, the only option you are left within that case is cloud storage. There you can safely store your data. Some of the best Whatsapp backup service providers online are IDrive, Backblaze. If you want to make sure that there is no unwanted access to your private messages, then you can go for private messages.

Guide to Restore WhatsApp Backup on Android & iOS




How to Backup Whatsapp

If you are looking for creating whatsapp backup for restoring the Chats / conversations including all the media then follow the below process by iShouTech.

#Step 1: Open whatsapp on your iOS/ Android Device, click on Options -> Chats.

whatsatsapp backup

whatsatsapp backup


#Step 2: Click on Chats for creating whatsapp chats backup. If you are looking for chat backup then click on Chat backup option.

#Step 3: After that it display the details of last whatsapp backup along with the date, storage location & size of the backup. By default the whatsapp backup files will be stored in google drive. You can change the backup options by clicking on “Backup to Google Drive”. It allows you to backup when ever you want or you can choose the default options like monthly, weekly, daily to create backup automatically.

whatsapp chats

whatsapp chats

Using local backup for Android

You can even use the local backup of your android phone as an option to restore your messages safely. This method is not the one that can work on iOS or Android device. If the backup of your Google Drive has overwritten the messages, then you require to follow the following steps explained by iTechShout:

  • The first step is to go to the file manager of your android device. Then go to the WhatsApp and then to the database. The database is what that contains all the backup files of WhatsApp. They are locally stored on the phone.
  • The next step is to select the file named “mgstore.db.crypt12” and then rename it with the name “mgstore_BACKUP.db.crypt12”. This can be the most recent backup file which you have created just now. If you want to prevent it from getting overwritten, then rename the file.
  • You can even find a bunch of folders in the file which are the old backups of your WhatsApp. Pick the recent one and rename it so that you can find it.

Restore WhatsApp Backup Using Google Drive

Restore WhatsApp Backup

Restore WhatsApp Backup

  • The next thing that you require to do and what’s tricky is that you will have to open Google Drive and then go to the hamburger option. Then you will have to go to the backups. Then make sure that you have deleted all the backups from there. This can help your phone rightly store the local backup.
  • Now, you require to uninstall the WhatsApp in your phone and then again reinstall it. Then you will be prompted with an option to restore the chats, once you get to set it up.
  • Tap to restore, and this is how you can get all your chats back.

If you have accidentally deleted your WhatsApp chats, then you can get them back just by using this method. You can get your old chats back in the freshly installed WhatsApp and not only just this, but also you can avail the latest update of the application in the process.

 Cloud Process for Creating Backup

Have you accidentally ended up deleting all the chats that you didn’t want to lose anyway? No worries. There is yet another process that can help you get back your chats. You can use the cloud service, which is one of the most reliable backup options and can get back your precious WhatsApp backup data. Here is the process and the steps to follow to get the chats restored with the help of the cloud services:

  • The first step is to uninstall the WhatsApp application from your device, whether it is an Android or an iPhone.
  • The next step is to get the application reinstalled from the app store and then set it up generally with the phone numbers.
  • Once after getting the application all set, you will be prompted with a question to restore the messages from the cloud. If you have an android device, then your backup will bee created from the Google Drive, and if you have an iPhone, then the backup will be generated from the iCloud in the iOS.
  • Thus, in this way, you can get all you deleted chats restored.

Troubleshoot details

There might be some problems in the restoration process. If there is no Google account in the device you are using, then there might be some issues in creating your account. You must also have verified services of Google Play installed on your device. Using a firm source of data connection like those of the Wi-Fi is always recommended for restoring the backup of WhatsApp.

How to change the account you want to use for backup

  1. Open WhatsApp on your android device
  2. Click on three dots present on the top right corner
  3. Select settings
  4. Tap on Chats and then click on chat backup
  5. Here you need to click on the Google Account and select the account you want to backup your chat history to

If you select a new account, you won’t be able to access your backups that are linked for your previous account.

 restore whatsapp backup

restore whatsapp backup

How to change network you want to use for backup

  1. Open WhatsApp and then click on three dots
  2. Click on settings and then select Chats
  3. Click on Chat Backup
  4. You can see an option named Back up over, click on it
  5. Select the network you want


Thus, in this way, one can restore the backups of the WhatsApp. Keeping your messages safe is a very basic requirement of almost every WhatsApp user. And if you are looking for some secure experiences, and then you opt to restore the chats to the Google drive. WhatsApp is one of the handiest chatting platforms. And this is why there is a lot of important chatting on WhatsApp. Thus, go through the guide and get enlightened about the right ways of securing your chats and restoration of backup in WhatsApp.

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