Xender App on PC: Different Ways to Use Xender on PC

Who wouldn’t want to use Android apps on PC after seeing how much comfort few apps have bought by releasing the desktop versions? Xender is one such app that can be more comfortable to use on a PC as well. Xender is a file-sharing app developed in 2011 and is popular for its ease of sending files. It allows you to share various formats and types of files like contacts, apps, videos, music, images, documents, and whatnot. The most interesting part is that it can transfer files without using the internet. You can directly transfer the file by connecting two devices. If you are looking to use the Xender app on your Pc, you landed on the right page.

In this blog, I will clearly explain to you the three ways you can use the Xender app on your PC by using the Android emulator called Bluestacks. And by using a Xender web version, which was released recently and allows its users to use the PC version. Stick with the blog till the end. Know all the methods to understand the complete process so that you can see which one you find comfortable to use. Let us get started.

Three ways to use Xender on PC/Windows/Mac:

Many apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Telegram have made it easy for their users to use the desktop application. The desktop version of applications allows us to simultaneously use both social apps for important information sharing while working, and it has its other benefits. Xender has released the Xender web through which users can use the app on their PC. Which can be done in two ways, and both are secured. Use any of the mentioned methods depending on your interest. Xender users can use the app on their PC using web connect or through a hotspot. I will explain to you how to use both in a step-by-step process. 


xender app for pc

xender app for pc


How to use the Xender app on PC using web connect:


Connecting to Xender web through web connect is easy and also very basic. You need not be a technical person. Just follow the below steps that I mentioned:

  • Open the Xender app in your mobile and press on the + symbol, which is visible on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • You can also click on the account picture, which is visible on the top left corner of the phone screen, and you will see a list of options from the menu. Choose the option which says “Connect to PC.”
  • A page will be displayed where it asks you to open the web link of the Xender app or IP address. You can choose anything. I prefer opening the site link.
  • Open Google Chrome. In the search box, type www.web.xender.com or the IP address visible in the mobile app, press enter.
  • Now, on your PC, a QR code will be displayed. Press the scan option on your Xender app, and a scanner will open. By using this scanner, scan the QR code from the PC.
  • This will open the Xender app through web connect. Now you can share any files from this Xender web.


xender web

xender web


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How to use the Xender app on PC using a hotspot

We can connect to the Xender app using a hotspot as well. But using Web connect is easier than using a hotspot.  but depending on your ease and comfort, you can use the hotspot to connect to your Xender web app. Here is the stepwise process to use Xender web on your PC using a hotspot

  • Open your Xender mobile app and press on the + symbol. Follow the process as mentioned above till you see the page that displays the web connect or Hotspot options.
  • If you choose “Hotspot,” this will enable an orange button called a “Create Hotspot” , select the button, and it will create a network.
  • You can see the steps to follow further there itself, and you can also see an IP address below the steps. 
  • Open the browser in your PC, and in the search box, enter the IP address from the mobile app and click on enter.
  • Now you can open the Xender web and transfer files with ease.

Note: Make sure that your phone and PC connect to the same network while connecting to PC using web connect and hotspot.

 Using Bluestacks Emulator:

Many Emulators are available online that allow Android apps to run on PC. Still, Bluestacks is considered one of the best emulators with a simple user Interface and good developer support. But you should have a good configuration for Blustacks to run. Here are a few minimum system requirements for the Bluestacks engine to run on your PC.

  • macOS or Windows installed
  • 2GB of RAM/main memory
  • Direct X 9.0 or higher installed 
  • 4GB of available disk space 
  • Intel or AMD Processor


bluestacks for xender app on pc

bluestacks for xender app on pc


The stepwise process to use Bluestack to run Xender app on PC:

  • Download Bluestack emulator from https://www.bluestacks.com/
  • After Installing it, Sign in using your Google Account.
  • In the home screen, open the Google play store and search for Xender App.
  • Download and Install the App on your Bluestacks emulator.
  • Now you can use Xender on your Bluestacks home screen as you use it on your mobile.


Among the three methods that I have mentioned in the blog, each has its benefits and among those 3 using the Xender on PC by connecting through the web is the easiest. And By using the Bluestacks emulator, you can directly use the app as-is from the home page without following the same process every time you want to use the Xender app on the web. But note that if you do not have a good hard disk, don’t use the Bluestacks emulator, this might put your system at risk. Let me know which way you find more comfortable through comments.

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