Hard Reset Android Device- Quick & Simple Steps to Reset

Hard reset android device: If you want to hard reset your Android device due to some mobile phone issues, it is quite an easy process. You must know that a hard reset is also known as the factory reset. You can also call it a master reset. Hard reset android is actually the restoration process where you could restore your device to its beginning state like when it came out of the factory.

But this restoration process removes all your new settings, application, and data that you have added to the device. So you must be careful before opting for the hard reset or factory reset process. The best thing about the hard reset process is that it is safe. It does not cause any harm to your device.

The major advantage of Hard reset your android device is that it makes your phone all new with no added application or data. Due to the Hard reset android process, your phone also starts working faster than it was before. So you must once try the hard reset your device. But you must act smart and keep a backup of your data before doing the reset process. The rest process is simple and easy, so that everyone could do it. And you may not need any expert to do it for you.

Why Hard reset your android device is necessary?

There might be many reasons due to which people may want to know about the Hard reset android. Hard reset is useful when you have forgotten the password of your Android device, and you are unable to recover the password. At this time, the Hard Reset Process process could be the most useful and effective process as this process will remove your id and password from the internal device. Hard rest might be useful in solving many technical issues of your Android device like the heating issue, battery drainage issue, a phone running slow and much more. All these issues mainly occur due to some of the added applications.

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In some of the Android device problems, the hard reset process is the last option that you could do to resolve the problem. Hence, if you want to know how to reset your android device, this article could help you. In this article, you will be able to find the simple and the quickstep that will make the hard rest process quicker and easier for you. Hence check below; you will be able to find some of the quicksteps for the hard rest in your android device.

How to Reboot your Android Phone:

If your android phone is slow, try to restart it or reboot it. Sometimes our android phones get struck and won’t work. Then we need to press the power key for about 10 seconds. Then the phone will be restarted. If the phone doesn’t restart press and hold both power key and volume key for 10 – 20 seconds.

Scheduled Power ON/OFF

Scheduled power ON/OFF helps user to automatically power off or on with the time we provide. Schedule ON or OFF helps users to speed up their phones as the phone will be restarted as per schedule.

Simple Steps to Hard Reset Android Device Quickly

hard rest android

hard rest android

If you want to hard reset your android device, then there are three parts that you need to cover while doing the Hard reset android process with a certain care. Hereunder you will be able to find the three parts of the Hard reset android process of the android device. These steps are applicable for all the android devices that you are using and want to do the hard reset.

But firstly, the most basic and the essential part that you must cover if you have any important or essential document or data in your android device. So you could remove your sim cards and the memory card from the device. If your phone is switched off, and you are unable to do the backup. Every data that is in your sim card and the memory card is not deleted if you remove them from your device.

Let’s start the reset process if you are ready for the hard reset process of your android device.

  • In the first step, make sure that your device is switched off if it is not then switched off your android device. After switching off the android device, you need to press and hold the Volume Up and the volume down keys at the same time. Then you must press and hold the power key that is available at the side of your device. Press and hold the power key until you see the test screen. In the test screen, you will be able to see some of the options that may pop up after fifteen to twenty seconds.
  • Now when you are able to see different options on the screen of your android device. You may press the volume up and the down keys to navigate through the options. In the options that are available on your screen, you may find a Factory reset option which you could select through the power key.
  • While your Android device is powered off, you must continue holding the home key. And you are on the android system recovery screen, and then you must release all the keys. Now you must select the wipe data/ factory reset option and then click on ok to continue the process
  • On the screen now, you will be able to see the reboot system now, and below there will be an “ok” option. So click on the ok option to reboot your device.

After following all the steps, you may see that the Hard reset android process is completed.

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