How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC, Laptop, Mac & Android

Transfer photos from iPhone to Computer / Laptop: iPhones are known for raising the bar on quality. Yes, right from the small details of their design to the parts, they are known to use only the best available.  So, it is a fact that their phone cameras offer one of the best in terms of clarity and precision. Hence, if you are one of those persons who seem to use the iPhone more for its camera than for calling purposes, you are not alone.   There are a lot of users who use the iPhone as a standalone camera.  In such situations, there may be times that your phone memory might be full and so you might want to transfer photos from your iPhone to PC.  The transfer process is very simple and does not involve a knowledge of rocket science, so to speak.

How to Transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC

Now, Windows 10 OS has an entirely new way to transfer photos from your iPhone that too without iTunes.   The new Photos app even helps transfer photos in bulk.  The process to transfer is as follows:

  1. Firstly, you need to plug your iPhone into your PC through a USB cable. Most importantly, you need to unlock your phone.  Otherwise, the PC will not be able to connect with the iPhone if it is locked.
  2. In the Search bar, type in photos.  This will help you to find and open the Photos App.  Or you can go to the Start button on your PC and then look for the Photos app and select it to open.
  3. At the top right corner of the Photos App, you can notice an ‘Import’ button. Click on this button. It will ask for some information such as ‘Import from USB device’ etc.  Select the appropriate information and then follow all the steps.
  4. Immediately all your photos from the iPhone will be imported or transferred to your Windows 10 PC.  Please take the necessary steps to save them in a folder of your choice.  This process might take a few minutes depending upon the number of photos.
  5. Once the process is completed, disconnect the iPhone from the PC.
transfer photos from iphone to pc

transfer photos from iphone to pc


If your PC has an old version of Windows, then the Auto Play option will pop-up as soon as the iPhone is connected to the PC.   There will be a prompt asking you ‘Tap to choose what happens to this device’.   When you click this button, there will an option to Import photos and videos.  So, select that option and follow the steps as detailed above.

Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

If you have a Mac, then it is even simpler to transfer the photos.  All you must do is:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac using a USB cable.
  2. Start the iPhoto app.  Most of the time, this app will launch automatically. It will show all the photos and videos that are available on the connected device.
  3. Select the pictures that you want to be transferred and then click on the ‘Import Selected’ button.   If you want to transfer all the photos, then click on the option ‘Import All’.  This option will upload all the photos available in the iPhone photos library.  Sometimes the ‘import’ screen might not appear automatically. In such a situation, go to the Photos App sidebar and click on the device’s name.
  4. Sometimes for security reasons, there may be a prompt on your device asking you ‘Trust this Computer’. Simply tap on the ‘Trust’ button to continue.
  5. Once the required photos are transferred, remember to disconnect the iPhone from your Mac.
transfer photos from iphone to mac

transfer photos from iphone to mac

Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac using the Airdrop feature

This process is by using wi-fi to connect both the devices together instead of a USB cable.  Please note that this process will only work on Mac models that use OS X Yosemite and the latest versions. The steps are:

  1. On your iPhone device, open the Photos App.
  2. Select the photos that you want to be transferred to your Mac and then click on the ‘Share’ icon.
  3. At the top of the Share menu, you will notice the Airdrop.  Select the computer’s name.
  4. Once the   transfer is successful, you will get a message stating ‘Sent’ below your computer’s name.

Please note that you need to click on the ‘Save’ feature when the photo is transferred onto your PC.  If, however, you are using the same iCloud account as the iPhone, then there is no need to save separately as it will be done automatically.

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So, if you are just trying to free up some space on your iPhone or just want to back up your special important photos, the steps detailed above will surely be useful to you.  Whatever be the reason for transferring your photos from iPhone to PC, one thing is sure.  You will be repeating the transfer process and again as you will continue to click amazing photos and so will need to keep transferring them to your PC to prevent data loss and also save up on memory space.

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