Tricks to Boost Your Android Gaming Performance

From the past few years, there has been a gaming revolution in the mobile world. Earlier people used to stick to their PC’s or PlayStation devices to experience a mind-blowing game time. But the situation has changed when everything started falling under our fingertips. Right from the Subway surf and the Candy Crush era, several hundreds of games has been released which makes us explore an enhanced feature every single time. Recently, PUBG has set the online android gaming world on fire where the designers are coming up with some exceptional ideas that are sticking us to our screens. Here is the guide on how to boost your android gaming performance.

But the real problem arrives when our Android mobiles don’t support the game and compress its performance as well as our thrilling experience sadly. So the developers have come up with a stunning feature that is surely good news for all gamers. From Android Nougat version, we are provided with an option to have access to our device maintenance. That means, running our device maintenance is at our own hands now.

Tricks to Boost Your Android Gaming Performance

Improve gaming performance

Improve gaming performance

Now, many of you might be astonished and confused by hearing the term “device maintenance”. Don’t worry! We are here to eradicate all sort of doubts from your mind and also acknowledge you many interesting facts regarding enabling the gaming mode and improving the game performance in your Android devices. Coming to the ‘Device maintenance’, it just refers to the feature which helps you to know and alter the status of your device. When you use this feature, it provides you with the information in the form of a report and enables you to improve it. All this happens within a single step by just tapping on your screen.

Prior to this let’s understand why turning on this “Gaming mode” is essential for the gamer inside you and how it improves the whole process. So, here are the features mentioned below.

Features of Gaming mode (Both General & pro) to boost your android gaming performance:

Auto rejecting incoming calls:

So, this is a major problem faced by gamers. Whenever you are seriously lost in your game, some calls disturb everything and becomes a big turn off to all the fun. This feature helps in auto-rejection of the calls. If you don’t want to reject some of the important calls then the pro version is apt for you. It just suppresses the calls without rejecting the same.

Notifications are blocked:

There might be numerous applications in your mobile and each one of it pop up with some updates and notifications which hinder the game. So enabling game mode will block all such notifications without causing you the problem.

Brightness up to the desired level:

Some mobiles comes with this auto brightness features that spoil your gaming experience and game mode will help you adjust the same as desired according to the game.

Customizing call options:

This is a special feature only to the pro game mode. Generally, the game mode will reject all the calls. But you can adjust it here, by allowing calls from unknown numbers if you feel it necessary. Also, you can prepare a specified list whose calls you want to answer while gaming.

Frees up storage:

The background apps always absorb the entire storage in your RAM and results in hanging or poor working of mobile. This is a major problem faced by gamers and Game mode will avoid this by clearing up space without the necessity of wiping those apps.

So, let’s discover about this device maintenance feature, learn to enable gaming mode and many internal options hidden within it through a step by step process. But this varies from device to device sometimes. We have tried providing the valid process and only a few terms will differ here and there which is customized according to your device.

Steps to enable gaming mode in Android devices:

 1: Open your mobiles and get into the settings.

 2: Find the device maintenance or Device Care option and tap on it.

 3: When you click it, the mobile start calculating the status.

 4: Soon you will identify the rate at which your device is performing.

 5:  Just below, you can find other options like Storage, memory, Performance mode, Device security and Battery.

 6: Click on the performance mode.

Above is a stepwise process that defines the entire phenomenon of enabling gaming mode in your Android device. So, you have to begin by entering the Settings. Find the “Device maintenance” option which can be easily spotted in the Oreo version. This is a developer option which gives access to your Battery, storage, security and Memory. Click on the same, to explore the feature. Now immediately your device rushes into analyzing the performance status and displays it in points. You can figure out whether it is low, moderate or good.

Generally, an average working device’s performance is defined as moderate. It is technically healthy and safe. Right there, you will be provided with an option to optimize the performance and there exists a panel below that. There are options like battery, memory, Performance mode, Device security and storage. The other options are for enhancing their individual status, while you must click on the performance mode to continue our process.

Now you are given more options called Optimized, Game, Entertainment, High performance, etc. Click on the “Game” without a second thought and you are successful in turning on the Gaming mode in your device.

Boost Your Android Gaming Performance

Clear Cache:

Cache data occupies the space in your phone eventually letting your device to slow down. We need to clear the cache to increase our phone gaming performance. Here are the few steps on how to clear cache.

  1. Go to settings and then click on Storage option
  2. Select each app and click on clear cache

Avoid using Live Wallpapers and Widgets

Everyone likes having live wallpapers on their phone. These live wallpapers and widgets not only occupy space but also leads to lagging or slowing down. Disable the Live wallpapers is the most effective way to improve gaming performance on your android phone.

GPU Rendering

Here are the steps to enable GPU Rendering on your device.

  1. Go to settings and then click on developer options
  2. If the developer option is not available go to about phone and click 5-7 times on Build Number option
  3. A pop-up will be shown saying that “You are now a developer”
  4. Go back to settings and then click on developer options
  5. Click on it and go to Hardware- Accelerated Rendering
  6. Change the Settings to Force GPU rendering


The whole process described by iShoutech above is in the perspective of Android Oreo version, but few Nougat devices have a little variation in the options. The difference is very minute and can be identified in different types of mobiles easily. If you cannot find your “Game mode” option in your device maintenance feature, then try searching for ‘Advance features’ in your settings.

This feature also provides access to many developer options, where “Game” is also provided. Click on the desired option and activate or enable Game launcher and Game Tools on your device. This is a simple step which completely digs up all good features and gives you satisfying gaming experience. All the hidden options and features in your games will let you use them without any hurdles.

So, this is how the game mode is enabled and how it helps you in enhancing a satisfying experience. Do comment your queries in the comment section, to let us know about the problems you are facing regarding this topic.

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