Guide to Fix Critical Error in Windows 10 "Your Start Menu Isn't Working"

Guide to Fix Critical Error in Windows 10 “Your Start Menu Isn’t Working”

We are here to provide few solutions for Fix Critical Error “Your Start Menu Isn’t Working” in Windows 10. With simple solutions you can be back on track with work in a matter of few minutes. The solutions mentioned below can be used by a layman and not only a pro in computers. You can also help your friends and family members who face this problem.

Windows 10 was first launched in the year 2015. Each update of Windows 10 has brought many new features and makes our work a lot easier. Windows 10 works great and wonderful almost every time. But there are a few instances where it might cause few inconveniences, leaving you frustrated and disappointed. One severe such problem that people face is when their Start Menu stops responding and freezes. The other times it won’t open at all.

Guide to Fix Critical Error “Your Start Menu Isn’t Working” in Windows 10

Read the full article by ishoutech and choose the method that you find easy and helpful.  We hope this article helps you in resolving the issue.

Your Start Menu Isn't Working

Your Start Menu Isn’t Working

Check For Corrupt Files.

To fix this issue, launch the Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar and select Task Manager or press the keys “Ctrl+Alt+Delete”.

Type Powershell into the search box. And select the option to run this task with administrative privileges.

Type sfc or scannow and press the “Enter” key.

To fix any errors, if you happen to see Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files. But if you are unable to fix some, you can type any error that you see, you can type DISM /Online/ Cleanup Image/ RestoreHealth.

Ensure that you have an active internet connection and stay online as Windows will be downloading clean versions of corrupted files and replacing them. If you see Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them, you have successfully completed the job.

Kill Windows Explorer:

Killing Windows Explorer is a quick and easy process that does not require much time. So using this method will save you a lot of time and energy. It also comes in handy for various situations, supposedly when you have unresponsive windows. This process is not guaranteed to work all the time, but it has saved many users from reinstalling their operating system. 

We have listed out the whole process step by step for your reference below.

Open Task Manager by right-clicking on Windows 10 Start Menu icon and select Task Manager from the menu. If this seems to be a lot of work, you can press the keys Ctrl+Shift+Escape keys.

Go through the Processes tab and find Windows Explorer. If it’s already open, then you will see another entry with a drop down option. Kindly ignore that entry and choose the other option with a drop down.

Right-click on the process and select Restart from the menu.

If this doesn’t work, then please have a look at the third option to fix the problem. Have no worry as we have more than just one solution for you!

Rebuild the Index.

In simple words, indexing is the process of inspecting and checking our existing files, emails, and all other contents in your Windows 10. If you perform a keyword search in Windows Explorer, you are using the indexing process that reviews all stored data to match your search criteria. The index of data helps in speeding up the process.

Press the Windows KEY+R to open the Run Window. Or you can also right-click the Start Menu and select Run.

Type in the following control/ name Microsoft. Indexing Options.

Click Modify on the bottom left of the indexing options Window.

Click the Show all locations button.

Uncheck all the ticked locations and select OK.

Click Advanced and then click Rebuild in the Troubleshooting section. Now, a message will pop up stating that this may take some time. Click OK to continue.

Once the rebuild is completed, press the Windows Key+R to open the Run window again. In the PowerShell terminal, run the command system reset to bring the Windows restart wizard. And now type shutdown/r to restart your Windows 10.

If this solution doesn’t help you fix the critical error in your Start Menu, try the next option. Why worry when you have more options.

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Use the Media Creation Tool for “Your Start Menu Isn’t Working”

We have looked at many solutions that can help you fix the Windows 10 Start Menu Issue. But the Media Creation Tool is widely reported by people to solve the freezing Start Menu Problem. Let us look at the steps to follow:

For this procedure, you have to download the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool and create Windows 10 installation media on a USB storage device.

Click on Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool site and download the Media Creation Tool. It will appear on the page’s bottom section.

Create a system installation disk using the Windows Media Creation Tool.

Double click on Setup.exe from the media you have created to launch the installation process.

Perform a Fresh Installation.

If the methods mentioned above did not resolve your issue, you can back up and save all the data and information. Start a new Windows 10 installation process. Make sure that you have your windows 10 product key. If you have an excellent functioning USB drive or external SSD installing Windows 10 will be easier. Once the fresh installation is done, the start menu will work perfectly fine. It would be as good as new!

Final verdict for Your Start Menu Isn’t Working

We have mentioned all the ways you can quickly solve the bug in your home without asking for anyone’s help and spending your money. Follow all the procedures and instructions carefully to expect the result that you want. One of the 5 solutions mentioned are sure to help you out of the fix. Let your workflow not get hindered due to the freezing of start menu. There is no need to get tensed as you can solve the issue easily.

We are sure the methods as mentioned earlier help you solve the bug you are facing.

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