Dolphin Browser for PC : The name on everyone’s tongue when it comes to a good browser is either Google or Firefox.  These two famous browsers come by default on most devices. However, there are many secure and innovative browsers available today.  One such browser is the Dolphin Browser pc. Developed by MoboTap, Dolphin browser is for Android and iOS operating systems.

This browser has the unique distinction of being the first alternative browser that introduced support for multi-touch gestures. Also, the Dolphin browser uses the native platform’s default browser engine. This allows for a small disk footprint. It can even run-on Adobe Flash.  In short, it is a free mobile web browser. It can also be installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Mac computers. The Dolphin Browser app is small but gives significant and quick results while surfing the internet. Its popularity is seen from the fact that there are more than 50 million users of this app.

In this article we are going to show you how to install dolphin browser on windows 10,8 & 7 Pc. There are few system requirements to install this browser on your PC. have a detailed look in this article.

Dolphin Browser for PC – Specifications & Installation

Dolphin Browser for PC
Dolphin Browser for PC


The Dolphin Browser PC comes with a lot of unique features such as:

Adblocking:  This is a fantastic feature. Numerous pop-up ads, banners & video advertisements pop up when browsing the internet.  They can be an irritant sometimes. The dolphin browser comes with an inbuilt feature to block the ads, providing disturbance-free browsing. It can be indeed said that the Dolphin browser has one of the best AdBlock Browser.

Multiple tabs:  Multiple tabs support is provided, and switching between them is made simple by just swiping. It displays all the open tabs, and you can browse the web PC Browser and Desktop Browser.

Intelligent Gestures option: By simple gestures such as drawing a letter G will take you to Google, for example. There is the Multi-touch pinch zoom option too.

Voice Search: In addition to the Gestures, there is also the voice search facility to enable hands-free search on the Dolphin browser. In short it is called the Sonar option for voice commands which is like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.  

Bookmarks:  The browsing history and bookmarks are easy to handle.  They can be seen by merely swiping to the right on the screen’s left edge. When swiped to the left, add-ons such as Video Downloader, Web to PDF, Dolphin Translate, etc., can be used.

Incognito Mode:  To facilitate private browsing, there is the incognito mode.  It is safe and secure and leaves no data history behind.

Interface: The interface is very colourful and is changed easily along with dolphin browser themes.  It offers a personalised experience. The in-thing nowadays is to custom the browser’s background.  There is an in-built feature in this browser to import photos from the camera and use it as your browser’s background.

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Additional features: 

There are the fast-loading pages, easy HTML 5, and Flash video downloads.  Also, screenshots of the browser can be taken and saved in the gallery folder.  The functionality is very smooth, and videos can be watched without any hassles.  Even streaming movies and Tv shows from Netflix is fast.  

Search Engines and Third-party apps:  With partners such as Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Dropbox, etc., it gives the user a more productive and quick browsing experience.    Besides, the Dolphin Browser Chrome Extension can also be used in combination with the default Chrome browser.

Best of all, this browser is free.

System Requirements & Specifications to install Dolphin Browser on PC windows 10

The Dolphin browser app was released in the year 2018.  The size is around 53.1 MB, and the recent version is 10.0.6. It was updated in November 2020 and came under the Business productivity Genre.  

This app’s downside is that it has very weak encryption and does not have good compatibility with desktops.  Also, the latest versions of Android only support this browser.

Dolphin Browser for PC Download guide

Since the Dolphin Browser pc is primarily a mobile web browser, it cannot be directly downloaded into the computer.   For this, the help of an android emulator is needed, such as BlueStacks. Once this app is downloaded and installed, you can then start downloading the Dolphin Browser.

  1. Firstly, open the BlueStacks app.  From its Home screen, go to the Appstore.
  2. In the search button, type “Dolphin Browser” and click on the search button.
  3. On the Dolphin Browser search result, look for the install button and click it.
  4. Once the download and installation process is completed, a shortcut icon is shown on the Blue stacks home screen.  You can now start using it by simply clicking on the icon.

The procedure to download and install the Dolphin Browser app is the same for Mac OS.  For Windows 10, the dolphin browser with support for desktop mode on your computer can be powered by Blue stacks.  This workaround method is suitable for downloading on Windows 7 and 8 as well. 


  • Where can Dolphin settings be found?

Tap on the Dolphin button, which is on the bottom menu bar.  After that, tap on the gear-shaped icon in the bottom left corner.

  • How to create a new gesture for a URL?

Firstly, tap and hold the URL in the address bar.   From the pop-up menu, choose the ‘Create Gesture for this page’ option.  Draw a gesture and click on “Done” to finish creating the Gesture. Alternatively, this can be arranged from the Settings option as well.  Go to the settings icon.  Type the new URL in the URL bar and click on “Add+.”  Draw a gesture and tap ‘Done’ to save this Gesture.

  • How to disable the swipe action for accessing sidebars?

Go to the settings.  Then click on Customize and select the option “Disable” under the ‘Enable Swipe for sidebars’ setting.


Despite facing tough competition from heavyweight browsers such as Google and Firefox, Dolphin Browser for pc still maintains its ground.  It has made its mark by being stylish and secure and at the same time providing fast search results with data compression.   The Dolphin browser windows 10 saves a lot of data as it uses the mobile mode instead of the full computer browser mode. This feature is useful for those having a limited internet data pack.  

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