Snaptube is an app that is used to download videos. Android users can get access to this video downloader app. During their leisure, most people like to spend time watching videos, films, or social media using their devices. Most of the apps don’t have the option for downloading and saving the videos in the system for future use. The Snaptube for Windows 10 free download enables you to download the videos and save them on your device. It is simple to use and comes free of cost. Snaptube for Pc has gained popularity among Android users. Even Windows users can download this application by using a trusted Android emulator. 

Snaptube for PC

The SnapTube application allows downloading movies, videos in HD quality using unlimited sites. The music files can also be downloaded using music sites. The SnapTube supports high-resolution videos like 144p, 720p, 1080p and it can go up to 4k. As the app is lightweight it will not consume much of the storage space of your device.  The inbuilt download manager will categorize the files as per the type of download. The app supports over fifty video sites. There are few requirements for downloading the app. The device has to be Android 4+. The device should have a storage capacity of 8 GB and it needs 2 GB RAM. If your device meets the above criteria, the SnapTube app can be easily downloaded from the official website of SnapTube. 

snaptube for pc
snaptube for pc


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The features of Snaptube Windows 

Let us now discuss the features of the SnapTube video downloader application. 

  • HD Resolution:

    Watching the videos at high definition picture quality can be fun and exciting. To get access to such good-quality videos is a challenge. But with SnapTube, the user can enjoy high resolution 1080P video quality. Streaming the videos and downloading videos in high definition picture quality is possible using SnapTube. 

  • Search Videos:

    Using the SnapTube app, you can search for videos that you prefer to watch using the search bar. The search has about eleven subcategories that make the search simple, you just have to type the name to get the results. 

  • Audio option:

    The app also has the option to have the audio file in different formats including MP3 and MP4. 

  • Customization:

    The filters can be made use of to search a particular video. You can select the video from various subcategories and the video can be saved in different sizes with good resolution. As per your requirements, the customization’s can be made. 

  • Free of Cost:

    The Snaptube app is a free-of-cost application. The app doesn’t require paying a single penny for using it. All that you need is an internet connection along with a device and the videos can be downloaded and watched free of cost.

  • Easy UI:

    The SnapTube can be used by anyone, there is no need that you must be a technical person with prior knowledge of the app. The application can be downloaded and used with ease. 

  • Download videos:

    Most of the apps do not allow for downloading the videos. In SnapTube, the user can not only download the videos but also save them to watch in his leisure time. The saved videos can be streamed offline. 

download snaptube videos
download snaptube videos

Steps to download SnapTube for PC

The SnapTube app is available only for Android users and it is not accessible in other Operating Systems. But, SnapTube can be used for PC by using an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Let us now discuss the steps to download SnapTube for PC. At first, the user has to download an Android emulator. It enables you to download any app to your Mac or Windows easily. We will see the procedure to download. And install SnapTube for your PC by using BlueStacks since the app is easy and user-friendly. Nox App Player is another emulator that can be used. 

  • To begin with, download BlueStacks by using the link and install it on your PC.
  • By using your Gmail, log into your Google account. 
  • Fill in the initial formalities like the wifi password, language, Google Account, etc.
  • On your device, click on launch BlueStacks.
  • Repeat the same on My Apps and then click on the Systems Apps option. 
  • Look for SnapTube for the PC at Google play store. 
  • The installation will take few minutes, once the SnapTube app is installed on your PC, you can enjoy using the app. 
download bluestacks
download bluestacks


install bluestacks
install bluestacks

Frequently asked questions 

Is the Snaptube application safe to use?

The answer to this question is yes, SnapTube is a safe application. The app can be downloaded and used by all Android users as it is available only for Android users. 

What is the Snaptube PC?

The Snaptube is an application that is used to download videos. The videos can be downloaded using various video streaming apps like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, Dailymotion, etc. By using the Snaptube app, the videos can be downloaded easily.

Can Snaptube be downloaded and used by Android devices?

The Snaptube application is available for all Android users. The app can be downloaded and used via APK file. 

Is the Snaptube a free application?

The answer is Yes. Snaptube comes free of cost. The application can be downloaded and used for free by all Android users. There is no need to pay for the Snaptube application. 

Can Snaptube be downloaded for PC?

Since Snaptube is accessible only by Android users. The application is not available for Mac or Windows. But, one can still download the app by making use of an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Other trusted Android emulators like Nox app player, Memu, Koplayer, etc can also be used. 

best android emulators
best android emulators

The snaptube app has become a popular app in a short duration. Since the app comes free of cost, more and more people make use of this app. The features of this application are amazing. The app has made it simple to download and save the videos for later use. Hope this article has provided you with insight into the Snaptube app and how to download it. 

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