The exciting App which is catching everyone’s attention these days is PicsArt for windows.  It is a photo editing app specially made for Windows PC.  Best of all, it is a free App and has excellent features such as filters, stickers, etc. The App also has a collage-making tool that is ideal for sharing memories. This App is most sought after by photo-artists and is the perfect meeting ground for similar artists. 

PicsArt for windows 10 without BlueStacks

Nowadays, the trend is to share amazing photos online to garner more and more likes. Apps such as PicsArt will seem like Godsend because it helps the photos look more beautiful and stunning. The features and filters etc., are so simple to use, which makes photo editing a pleasure. So, whether you are a professional or a novice, you will no doubt enjoy using the PicsArt app.  Also, it can be downloaded on Android, PC, and iOS.  

Picsart for windows 10
Picsart for windows 10


  1. PicsArt has tools like clone, motion, enhance, crop, and tilt-shift.  These extra features can be used to add more glamour to the photos.
  2. The collage feature can be effectively used to assemble pictures with different frames and backgrounds.  Up to 10 photos can be added to make an interesting collage. This makes them unique and helps them to stand out from the rest. The backgrounds can be removed or changed. There is also the option to use one of the many PicsArt background options to add to the images.
  3. PicsArt offers numerous live filters.  These are very easy to use, and sharing them over social networks too is made very simple.
  4. PicsArt enables creating memes and sharing with friends on social media.  For this, many templates are available on the App.  
  5. The sketch effects feature is worth mentioning. It is the most popular feature of PicsArt.  There are shadow effects, color, details, etc., which can be added to the photos to make them more attractive and give a different look altogether.
  6. For paid and premium users, there is another additional feature of PicsArt available.  It is the Video Editor.  New videos can be created seamlessly, and other existing videos can be edited with changes such as trimming, animation, etc.
  7. The simple toolbox is easy to use even by first-time users. The user interface is also very friendly.

Some more features of PicsArt windows:

Reading about all these fantastic features has surely piqued your interest.  If so, it is time to discuss how to download the tremendous PicsArt app.  Since this App is primarily made for Android yet, it can still be downloaded onto a PC.  For this, these services of an Android emulator are needed.  Many android emulators are available today, such as Blue Stacks, Nox player, Memu, etc.

Ideally, the most suited android emulator for downloading the PicsArt for windows app is the Nox player. Because it supports the graphics excellently.  The Nox player for PC works best as an Android emulator.  It is a free app and allows users to play Android games and apps on their computers.  In fact, the Nox player app offers a smooth experience and hence is ideal for downloading the PicsArt app.  Another feature that speaks on behalf of the Nox app is that it is compatible with Windows and Mac.  It is a stable app and does not crash, unlike other emulators.  It also supports multiple control options such as skateboard, joystick, etc. If you are not happy with BlueStacks, you can always try the Nox player.


  1. Visit the official website of Nox player.  It is
  2. Click on the ‘Download Now’ button.
  3. After the download is done, click on the install button and then on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the entire download and installation process.
  4. Now, open the App and complete the Sign-up process.
  5. From the Nox app, go to the Play store and search for the ‘PicsArt’ App in the search bar.
  6. From the search result, click on the PicsArt app and select the ‘PicsArt download for the PC’ Version.  Download and complete the installation process of Picsart for windows.


install nox player
install nox player


search for picsart in playstore
search for picsart in playstore







Now that you have successfully downloaded the PicsArt app, you must be raring to go.

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How to Uninstall PicsArt for PC

Uninstall app Manually:

  • Move your mouse to taskbar at the bottom of your Windows desktop.
  • Then click the “start” button /Windows logo.
  • Choose the “Control Panel” option.
  • Click the Add or Remove Progress icon.
  • Select “PicsArt for PC” from apps that displayed, and then click “Remove/Uninstall”.
  • Complete the Uninstall process by clicking the “YES” button.
  • Finished! Now, your windows operating system is clean from PicsArt For PC.


Here are a few helpful suggestions for the PicsArt app to make your time worthwhile.

  1. Any time after adding multiple effects such as filters, you can always go back to the previous filter.  Just click on the undo button at the top, that is all.
  2. While editing the image, if you want to compare it with the original, there is no need to go back to the gallery and open the original image.  Just long tap on the image (hold), and you can see the original image.
  3. PicsArt app offers a more advanced form of blurring.  There is the normal, smart, motion, and radial blur to choose from.
  4. PicsArt app also goes a step further by allowing to edit the stickers.  Just add the required sticker, and by clicking on it, you will be shown multiple options for editing it. Using the Shape Crop button under the cut-out feature, you can create yours on the sticker’s shape, such as heart shape or square shape. 
  5. For changing the intensity of each effect, a different option is given.  After applying the product, tapping on the effect button again, you will get the option to increase or decrease the effect’s intensity.
  6. For adding a colorful border effect, the Vignette effects option can be used. Also, by tapping the color box, you can either increase or decrease the border size.
  7. To achieve a dual effect, look, you can apply the results to only a selected portion of the image. For this, after applying the filter, click the eraser icon.  Using it, erase the areas where you do not want the effects. It is that simple

When the PicsArt app is launched on Windows PC for the first time, many features immediately catch your attention.  These include a variety of filters and phot-effects.  This App is ideal for those who have a YouTube channel as by adding special effects, you can make your videos stand apart. 

Being free to use App, it is worth a try.  So, download it now, and you will not regret the effort.

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