Snapseed on Pc: Snapseed is mainly an application that is used for photo editing, which was produced by Nik Software, and now Google owns it for Android and IOS. It helps users to apply digital filters and helps in enhancing the photo. Initially, it was launched for ipad only. Later on, it was also developed for android.

What Is Snapseed?

snapseed on pc
snapseed on pc

Snapseed is a free application that you can get both in IOS and Android mobile devices. It is one of the most versatile and popular applications that is used for editing photos. This application comes with image filter tools that are very easy to use. This application helps you to tune and edit things in the photos you have taken. It creates changes in brightness, curves, shadows, saturation, and many more things. It gives a different and surprising look at your photos. It is an application of Google.

Some Features of Snapseed

  1. Snapseed has got the best features in the editing of photos. It helps in editing your photo so that the quality of the photo is improved. In this application, you can export, share, and save photos. Previously it was taking several hours to edit the photo. But now, with Snapseed, you can edit the photos in a few minutes. In this application, you can add filters, crop, you can add lens blur and adjust white balance. It has a feature that will allow you even to add HDR effect. In it, you can adjust curves with a control point that is assigned in the photos.
  2. This application has a feature that has a healing adjustment and masks brush, which is the same as photo editing software, which is used by professionals. Here you can easily  edit images with double- exposure with few clicks. If you want to use every feature of Snapseed, then you should have a minimum or basic knowledge about photography.
  3. It has got a different set of looks that are very much similar to the filters that are present on Instagram. You can easily edit your photo with one click with Snapseed. It also helps in brightening the photo, smooth it, and turn the photo into a black and white image.
  4. In this application, you can go to the tool selection option and get access to various kinds of customized photo editing features. Snapseed has also got an easy finger slider; it helps in changing the range when you are editing the photos. You just have swipe your finger either left or right on the picture, which helps you to see the immediate effect in the photos.
  5. It also comes with a feature of photo cropping. It will help you in eliminating the distractions in the photos and help you in-directly focusing on the photo has inbuilt ratios like 4:3,5:4 and 3:2. It also comes with features of color correction. Which enables you to choose and change the color of the photo.

When you first open the Snapseed application, you will initially see a grey screen that will tell you to select the image in which you want editing. When you are selecting photos, you will have various options for it. You can select an image from camera roll or even use the camera to take a photo or open the image, which is the latest one, and you can paste it in copied image. Once you have selected the photo, you will see that the whole screen is devoted to the photo you have selected. There will be very less navigation surrounding the screen.

Snapseed On PC / Windows Installation, Process

The first method to install Snapseed on pc.

1) You can download it by using BlueStacks

Steps 1

Download BlueStacks

It is an android emulator that helps in running the android application in laptops and computers. It depends on the host operating system for ios and windows as a virtual android device. It is mainly a platform that lets you install an android based application on computers.

You just have to visit the official website of BlueStacks and download this app. once the download is completed, you can install this on your computer. Once the installation is completed, you will have to restart your computer so that this software works properly.

bluestacks to download snapseed on pc
bluestacks to download snapseed on pc


After opening blue stack just log in

Once your pc is restarted, and then simply click on the icon of BlueStacks to start this application. After that, you have to create an account in this application, which will help us, your Google account. You can use the Google user id and password to sign in this application.


Navigate the application

Once you have signed in this application, you have to click on the icon of all apps. Open a new window, then click on browser search for “” and press enter next you have to select google play store and open it.

Step 4

Search Snapseed on pc in  play store

Once you have entered the play store, you have to search for Snapseed on pc. Then select the Snapseed and click on the link to install. Automatically play store will download the app, and it will be installed in the BlueStacks emulator.

snapseed for pc
snapseed for pc

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2) It can be downloaded by using APK

Step 1

If you have any issue in downloading Snapseed through BlueStacks, then you can also download it through this method. Like any other android application, Snapseed also comes with the APK file. You can directly download the APK file from the developer website.

Step 2

After downloading the file, do right click on the file and then select the option open with. Then you can go to the more option and click it, and then you have to choose Bluestacks to open the file.

Step 3

Or else you can open the BlueStacks application and drag it and put it on the APK file directly. After that, you have to follow the installation process of Snapseed on pc.

Step 4

Once you have successfully downloaded the application Snapseed on pc, you can start the application and use this application in your pc.

snapseed on pc
snapseed on pc

Best Alternatives of Snapseed

VSCO is also a photo editing application like Snapseed. You can say it’s an alternative application for Snapseed. In Vsco, you can set your brilliance, exposure, and aperture that Snapseed doesn’t provide. In Vsco, if you want to unlock the advanced editing feature, then you have to make a subscription in this app. It also provides a free trial version that will be for seven days. These two applications are top-rated applications if you see in the photo editing industry.

download vsco
vsco photo editor app


Snapseed has won millions of hearts because this application is very user-friendly and easy to use. This app is so simple to use that a person who doesn’t have any knowledge about editing can operate this app and easily edit the photo. It boasts of having 29 different filters and tools, which makes this app the most professional photo editing app in comparison to others. If you are an amateur and you are new to photo editing, then this is the best app you should start will help you how to make adjustments in photos, how to use filters, and many more things.

The most important thing about this app is it comes for free, which is a guide to those people who are a beginner in photography. It surely helps you in meeting your expectations.

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