Resolving Bluetooth Errors On Windows 10

As with any electronic device, from time to time some problems or minor issues will be encountered. Do not think that something major is wrong with the device. It might be a small minor error that can be rectified immediately. Yes, resolving Bluetooth errors on Windows 10 is simple and easy. It is not rocket science at all.  

Resolving Bluetooth Errors on Windows 10:

bluetooth errors

bluetooth errors

Product Information:  Some devices do not have Bluetooth capabilities. Hence check for the product specifications first before setting up the new device to not face any error later.

Bluetooth on:  

The Bluetooth switch should be switched on. In Windows 10, there are two ways to turn on the Bluetooth. First, check for it in the Taskbar. Then Select the ‘Action Centre.’ You will find the Bluetooth icon. If it is not seen, click on Expand. You will see the Bluetooth icon. Select it to turn it on. If the windows 10 device is not connected or paired with the Bluetooth accessories, it will show a message stating ‘Not connected.’ Another method to check if the Bluetooth is on or not is by going to the Start button. From there, select Settings and go to Devices and further to Bluetooth & other Devices. Here you can turn the Bluetooth settings on. When the Bluetooth is turned on, a message will come up stating ‘now discoverable as {computer name}.’

Once the above preliminary steps are taken, and still you find that there are some Bluetooth errors on windows 10, then the following checks should be made:

Check the Bluetooth device: While checking the Bluetooth, please check if the device is turned on, batteries are charged, and most importantly, if the PC is in the range of the Bluetooth. After this, turn off the Bluetooth. Please wait for a few minutes and then turn it on again. Still, if there are some problems encountered, make sure that there are no other unshielded USB devices close by. 

  1. These USB devices can sometimes interfere with the Bluetooth connection making them either unresponsive or even sluggish.

Check your PC:

You can start by turning off and then turning on the Bluetooth from your PC. 

This is done by going to the Start button. From there, go to Settings, then Devices, and lastly, Bluetooth other Devices section. 

  1. Please turn it off and wait for a few minutes and then turn it on again. Another error could be due to the Airplane mode being switched on the PC. To check, go to the Start button and then to the Settings. From there, select Network & Internet. Under the Airplane mode, make sure that it shows as ‘Off”.

If the Bluetooth errors persist on your Windows 10, then delve a little deeper into the problem despite doing the above primary steps. The errors could be resolved by taking the following remedial steps:

Run the Troubleshooter:

This is a quick fix solution to any problem encountered in Windows 10. To start troubleshooting, go to the Settings. From there, select Updates & Security and click on Troubleshoot. Select Bluetooth and click on the option ‘Run the Troubleshooter.’

Update Drivers:

This is the quickest and fastest solution to any Bluetooth errors you might have encountered in Windows 10. For this, Go to ‘Device Manager.’ Right-click on the Bluetooth device. Select the ‘Properties’ option and then go to the Advanced tab. Herein the Manufacturer ID will be mentioned. Note it down. Same time, your Bluetooth device’s manufacturer details will also be mentioned, and you will be redirected to the page from where you can download and update your latest driver. If there is no recent update available, you can manually download and update it through the Device Manager menu.

Change power saving options:

This could also be another reason for encountering Bluetooth problems on your Windows 10. Because the power saving option can be one of the main reasons why the Bluetooth device might be disabled, go to the Device Manager to resolve this error. Double click on Bluetooth, and when the ‘properties’ menu opens, go to the ‘Power Management’ section. Here uncheck the option ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.’ After unchecking this option, click on the ok button to confirm and save the changes. 

Resolving Bluetooth errors on windows 10 Using a different USB port:

The USB port you are currently trying to connect to might be damaged or might not support the peripheral. So, a simple step would be to change the USB port to another one and try again.

Double check Bluetooth Service status

  • Press Windows + R to open Run and then type the command services.msc
  • The List will be sorted in alphabetic order. From that list Choose Bluetooth
  • Double click each option and check the server status
  • If the server status is shown as stopped, click start to get the service continue

Make your System Discoverable

  • Press Windows + I and go to Device > More Bluetooth options
  • Click allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC
  • Its only necessary when you’re pairing a phone and may not be required for mouse or keyboard

Resolving Bluetooth errors on windows 10 using Disable other Bluetooth devices

Other Bluetooth devices may interfere while you try to pair a new device

  • To disable press Windows + I open settings and then click devices
  • Check each Bluetooth device and click Remove device > yes


The above article by ishoutech lists some of the common Bluetooth errors encountered on Windows 10. The remedial measures mentioned above are sure to rectify the errors you might have faced. Since Bluetooth uses wireless technology protocol, there will be some minor issues now and then. In such cases, the above quick-fix solutions will surely help.  

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