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Simple Process to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android & PC

In the modern era of technology and innovation, smartphones become an integral part of every individual out there. Many devices and digital technologies have reformed the lifestyle of the people. Android phones are the most-used smart devices in the current era as it is affordable, durable, and user-friendly.

The interface of the android devices makes every individual use the device and access the internet through it. People carry out almost all their functions through their android devices efficiently. Well, along with many functions, taking screenshots for various purposes is one of the useful features of the gadgets.

Screenshots are taken to capture the current content of the display, helps you to share the content you see on your screen. You can save the screenshots for later also by saving it in your device. Taking, storing, and sharing screenshots are extremely helpful in many different units. It helps in your entertainment as well as professional artifacts. Screenshots can be used in many cases for various purposes.

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How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android ?

Capture Scrolling Screenshots

Capture Scrolling Screenshots

The android app enables the user to take rolling screenshots seamlessly. It is easier to take screenshots of WebPages through the app by simply entering the URL in the app. Then you have to select the start and endpoint of the page which you want to capture. It is the perfect app to capture long articles and newsfeeds from any website.

When you need to capture anything other than the WebPages, you have to grant permission to the LongShot app. The scrolling screenshots can be taken as the app offers auto-scrolling while capturing the image on the screen.

When you are using a high-end phone like Samsung, OnePlus, or Huawei, you can take scrolled screenshots easily.

Scrolling Screenshots in Samsung galaxy

To capture scrolling screenshots in high-end Samsung phones, you have to follow these steps.

  • Enable smart capture in phone’s advanced settings.
  • Go to the screen you want to take a shot of.
  • Take a normal screenshot.
  • Tap on scroll capture at the bottom of the screen.
  • Keep on tapping on the option while scrolling down.
  • The screenshot will be captured till the end of the page.

Scrolling Screenshot in computer

If you want to screenshot long pages, in a web browser, you can install screen captures by Google. It helps in capturing the entire web page in your system. You can take the screenshots through the following steps.

  • Access chrome web store and find screen capture app.
  • Install the app in the system.
  • Click on the screen capture button on the toolbar after installation.
  • Then select whole capture page.
  • The app will capture the entire by scrolling down automatically.
  • After it finished capturing, you have the option to share and save.

Benefits of Scrolling Screenshots

You can collaborate with others

You can share facts and figures with your co-workers by sharing the screenshots of your display screen. We can also eliminate the writing of lengthy emails through sharing the screenshots you capture. It is efficient as well as effective in serving the purpose effortlessly.

Demonstrate well

It is one of the main purposes of taking and sharing screenshots; you can demonstrate things better by showing the images than explaining it. For instance, when you are explaining someone how to login into a browser, it is better to make them understand by showing step by step login images than to explain verbally. Screenshots save your explanation time as well as lessen confusion in a demonstration.

Show the exact thing

At your workplace, if you face difficulty in your system, you can convey the issue to the support team with the screenshot of the display. The exact issue can be conveyed through the image, so that, the problem can be fixed easily. As explaining things does not work always, it is better to take screenshots. It is also useful for future reference.

Well, you can capture one image or two images by taking a screenshot, but taking a screenshot of a long conversation or a process is tricky in your android device. It is possible to take a scrolling screenshot on your android phone through some simple steps.

If you have a normal android phone and need to take a scrolling screenshot, you need to install a third-party app.


The app by Google is helpful for education and support presentations at various units. You can take the screenshots of a lengthy page instantly by installing the app.

Many high-end Android devices have been developed with in-built scrolling screenshot features in it. With those android devices, you do not have to take the help of any third-party app and capture the screenshots effortlessly. In normal android phone, you have to install an advanced app to capture scrolling screenshots efficiently. However, you can follow the simple steps for capturing the lengthy screenshots in an android device for a seamless experience. The utility of the screenshots for various purposes makes it important to capture in different forms in various devices.

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