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Install Linux Machine on Windows [Complete Guide]

Install Linux machine on windows: Linux is a popular and effective open-source operating system in the modern world as it effectively powers the world from a personal computer. Linux is also used to servers too many mobile devices and beyond. The best thing about Linux is that it sits underneath all the other software on a computer.

It receives requests from the other programs and relaying these requests to the computer’s hardware. The community developed operating system that works for the computers, mainframes, embedded devices, serves, and mobile devices. You could use Linux on all the major platforms as it is supported on almost every major computer platform. It is the most widely supported operating system in all the major platforms.

Linux the widely used operating system because of its beneficial features and advantage, and the most helpful thing about Linux is that it is the open-source operating system. Which means its source code is easily available for everyone. The Linux system offers you the best security, and it is available at a low cost.

You could easily do software updates in customizations in this open-source system as it allows everyone to use it. Linux is the most reliable open-source and free operating system for many devices. Just like Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Linux is also becoming a popular operating system, and as you know, it is the most popular platform in recent times.

Install Linux Machine on Windows [Complete Guide]

Install Linux Machine on Windows

Install Linux Machine on Windows

Are you planning to install a Linux machine on windows? If yes, then it is the most beneficial step that you could take. Installing Linux in any major platform is quite easy, as it is supported by the major platform so that you won’t face many issues. Linux can run from a USB drive, and the best part is that you do not need to modify your existing system. But if you are planning to use it regularly, then you must install it on your PC. Install Linux machine on windows is beneficial as it will give you a chance to choose and use either operating system each time while you start your personal computer.

Installing Linux on windows is called the dual boot system, and it is the ideal way for you to install Linux. But with a reboot, you could get back to your full Windows system. For a dual boot, you need always to install Linux after Windows, and it is the essential thing that you must keep in mind while installing Linux on Windows. But for this, you need an empty hard disk, and if you have an empty hard disk, then you must first install Windows in the hard disk and then the Linux operating system. With this setup process on your personal computer, you could choose the Windows at the boot time.

It is essential for you to install Linux after Windows. But in case you have installed Windows after Linux system, you might face certain problems. Like when you want to boot back to your Linux system again, you will have to repair the Linux system boot loader. This process is because when you install Windows after Linux at that time, windows ignore Linux and do not know how to resize it. The setup process is quick and easy if you have a Linux distribution.

The simple steps are mentioned below for the installation of Linux on Windows.

  • In the first step, you must choose your Linux distribution. You could download it and then create USB installation media or burn it to a DVD. Boot it on a personal computer already running Windows.
  • Then it would be best if you launched the installer, and after that, you will be able to find some of the instructions which you need to follow. While you choose the instructions, be sure that you choose the Linux system alongside Windows. You may also choose the manual partitioning option and then create a Linux partition alongside Windows.
  • It would help if you chose how much space to reserve for the Linux operating system. And for this, you need to resize your window partition so that you could create a room for Linux.
  • While you are installing the Linux on your Windows, you may also have backups of your important files to secure the files from getting deleted.


You must install the Linux system carefully on your Windows to work perfectly without any problems. After the installation process, you could choose your operating system and sharing files. The best thing about installing Linux on Windows perfectly is that it makes switching back and forth between operating systems quite simple and easy. Like you need only to reboot your computer, and then you could see a boot menu where you could choose your operating system option. In the modern computer, the switching back and forth between the operating system is quite a quick process.

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