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Instagram Dark Mode-Enable & Disable on Android & iOS

Instagram Dark Mode: When it comes to the social media, Instagram has become everyone’s personal favorite nowadays. The other element is the “Dark mode”, where every possible application is providing this feature to provide additional comfort to their users. But literally every single user was excited when the two interesting things on Internet has crossed their paths. Dark Mode Instagram is attracting many people than expected.

Instagram Dark Mode – How to Enable & Disable in Android & iOS

Instagram dark Mode

Instagram dark Mode

These days all netizens are in love with the Dark mode option, which has been lately introduced to reduce the strain of the user’s eyes. To feel the essence of the pictures without disturbing our health or mental peace. It is indeed a blessing for those night owls who spend hours surfing Instagram like there’s no tomorrow. With Instagram dark mode in hand, one can keep checking all the videos and photos without stressing themselves.

Also, it is a treat for the users who always dig for new happenings and changes over the internet. This also has an added advantage of saving the battery on phones with OLED screens, and it turns out to be a real saviour these days. The apps like Twitter and YouTube have a Toggle Switch, which enables them to turn on the dark mode. It is a little sad to know that Instagram hasn’t provided a one-touch to switch on the Dark Mode.

Both iOS13 and Android 10 has provided the access to this new feature. Those mobiles have this dark mode option automatically enabled, whereas the older versions of these operating systems cannot support this update. Google was the first to introduce the dark mode theme for Android versions, and almost all the Google apps have adopted this new feature. Later many of the other apps are also following the footsteps of introducing Dark mode in their applications.

Dark Mode / Night Mode on Instagram

Instagram enabled this feature of Dark mode, which reimburses whites with blacks for a good Instagram experience. Dark mode on Instagram can be seen as a welcome change, which is useful for not getting any eyesores while browsing. If you are the one who wants to enjoy Dark mode and is looking for how to use this perfect feature of enabling Dark Mode on your Instagram, then this article is definitely for you.

Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS :

iPhones with os 13 support this feature of enabling Dark mode on Instagram. Follow these steps to do so.

  • Make sure you are using the latest operating system, 13 on your iPhone.
  • Now go to settings and select display settings. Settings –> Control Center –> Customize Controls.
  • There is an option to turn on Dark Mode. By doing so, you can enjoy the Darkness on Instagram.

Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android :

As stated above, the option of Dark mode on Instagram is available on phones with the latest operating system 10, and it is not any complicated procedure. Just follow these steps below and make your Instagram browsing a fun-filled one.

  • Firstly, the user needs to have Android with operating system 10, and if not, you have to upgrade it. Settings >System > Update.
  • Once the Android is upgraded to OS 10, Go to settings and turn on your Dark mode on. Settings >Display > Dark Theme.
  • There is also another option to turn Dark Mode on by turning on Battery saving mode. Settings > Battery > Battery Saver. By enabling the battery saving mode, you will automatically be in dark mode.

Now, it’s time to open the Instagram app. And enjoy the photos and videos in a whole different way.

Not all Android users have OS 10 update available yet, but those who can shouldn’t be missing out on this. Most of the Google devices are, however, to upgrade their versions and have been continuously working on it. Also, other social media apps are working to support this Dark mode feature. Let’s hope for the update on all the possible versions to enjoy it without any differences. Also, the positive reviews are keeping the excitement intact.

Please comment below for any further doubts and clarifications on the above topic. Thanks for reading 😊

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