Quick-fix Methods To Solve Dell Laptop Overheating Issue

Quick-fix Methods To Solve Dell Laptop Overheating Issue

The demand for laptops has also risen considerably because more people are working from home. This has its advantages and disadvantages.  One such issue is the Dell laptop overheating.

Solve Dell Laptop Overheating Issue

Why this issue needs immediate attention is because if you ignore it, then it could result in: 

solve dell laptop overheating issue

solve dell laptop overheating issue

  1. Windows not responding and Operating system restarting suddenly or crashing.
  2. The keyboard and mouse not responding.
  3. Damage to the internal components
  4. The battery draining very fast.

It is essential to determine the Dell laptop overheating issue.  Some of the simple reasons could be due to:

  1. Improper ventilation space. 
  2. Inadequate cooling

Here Are Some Quick-fix Methods to Reduce Overheating Issue

Cleaning & servicing the laptop:     

Yes, the first and easiest method to solve Dell laptop overheating issue is to clean the laptop.  Over some time, the vents get clogged by dust and lint. This dust does not allow the air to flow around the fan blades and pass freely.  So, the fan must work harder thereby causing the laptop to overheat.  So, clean the dust off the laptop.

clean your laptop to avoid overheating

clean your laptop to avoid overheating

Cool environment:

The room temperature where you are using your Dell laptop should also be cool.  If you use the Dell laptop for a more extended period, ensure good ventilation and cool temperature.  This will help in keeping the dell laptop from overheating. 

Ergonomic Tables & Laptop Cooling Pads: 

Nowadays, there are many laptop stands and tables that allow for the laptop’s comfortable positioning.  These ergonomic tables and stands will ensure that the laptop is upright and the level surface receives good ventilation.  For gamers and those who use the laptop for an extended time, there are efficient cooling pads.  Ensure that you purchase the right cooling pad for your laptop, which will ensure that your Dell laptop does not have any overheating issues. Some external compact fans are available, especially for the laptop.

use coolpad to reduce heat

use coolpad to reduce heat

BIOS Updates: 

Yes, regular updates will prevent overheating.  When the regular updates are done, the booting time will be reduced, and the Dell laptop’s performance will improve.  

Low power mode and charging the laptop: 

There is an option of ‘Low power mode’ on the laptop. Selecting this option will ensure the laptop consumes less power and therefore remain cool. Also, if the laptop is sufficiently charged, it will be cool. It is suggested to charge the laptop during gaming because gaming puts pressure on the hardware. Avoid over-charging.

Reducing lock speed and ending high resource-consuming tasks: 

Because of the need for a high performance, many overclock their CPU, which can cause an overheating issue.  So underclock the laptop to normal speed.   Also, some programs have a high CPU and disk consumption.  So, from the Task manager, review these programs and their resource usage and end those programs.  

Damaged Components:

Due to Faulty or damaged components, the Dell laptop may get overheated.  The battery, RAM, hard drive, etc., can be damaged over time. So, replace these parts at the earliest.  


Besides, you can also lower the FPS (Frames per second), use an integrated Graphics card, Update Graphics Drivers, and so on.   Sometimes a faulty charger can also cause overheating.

It is hoped that your Dell laptop does not have any overheating issues by practicing the above suggestions. If you still face the issue you can contact Dell Service Hyderabad they are good at handling all these kind of repairs and everything.

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