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Best Cloud Storage Services to Store Files: Alternatives of Google Drive

Best Cloud Storage Services: Cloud storage services have become quintessential in this era. But using the same Google Drive is not very satisfactory when you can have various other alternatives that can provide better features and experience. Before heading into the topic, iShouTech like to explain everything from scratch to our readers.

Cloud storage services refer to a service which maintains all your desired data and helps you to access such data over other means especially internet. Everything will be handled by the service provider. Now coming to our original topic of discussion, many of us just think about Google Drive as the only option available out there in the market.

But it is not the case, though Google Drive is best of its kind in giving quality cloud storage services, it lacks in few aspects which other applications and service providers will cover. So, we are going to list out all those providers who are the best alternatives to conventional Google Drive. You can also learn about them here individually clearly and it helps in making wise decisions while trying to manage your data.

Why alternatives to Google Drive is necessary?

It is unfair to leave the cause of the subject and moving to the solutions. We want to explain why and where GDrive is causing a problem for many customers. It is wrong to claim that you have to eradicate Google Drive, as it has various other factors which aren’t available with its competitors. For a better understanding, let’s first discuss the areas where Google Drive has been a hindrance. All the reasons are mentioned below in the most elaborative way possible.

Google has more access to your data than expected:

So, you might be comfortable at your place and imagining that GDrive will manage and maintain all your personal information. But you have to consider the fact that, some of your data which is too private to others will also be visible and accessible to Google. This is a serious problem and depends on the type of data you are trying to store. Also, your public profile might display this personal information and it is not quite understandable at times.

No proper control over our own files when shared:

When your files and data are shared with others through Google Drive, then it gives them permission to view and edit your data. The personal data of yours, which demand privacy will be equally accessible to others without any security. Google Drive has provided with an option to monitor and adjust the privacy over settings. But you won’t be aware when someone shares your data and the other details regarding it. Sometimes if you neglect the privacy options, then your data is available to every user on the internet.

Google Drive influences your data:

One must actively read the privacy terms and settings before sharing their information with them. When you pay attention to privacy terms on Google Drive, you can discover that Google has access to edit, use and influence your data and documents. It can also share the same data with any third party it is working with and the same is disclosed in the settings. So if you want to restrict your data to certain means, then Google Drive wouldn’t be the comfortable option.

Information with Google Drive is prone to more risk:

The hackers nowadays are coming with more contemporary ideas than we imagine and it is our sole duty to protect our information as much as possible. We all know how common and famous is Google and it’s products. So, there are more chances to get cheated by entering into the trap of phishing links which are tough to detect and risky when given access to. These are some unavoidable situations you have to deal with if you have to save and share your data on Google Drive.

Best Free Cloud Storage Services to Store Files : Alternatives of Google Drive

Best Cloud Storage Services

Best Cloud Storage Services

Above we have discussed all the valid reasons and problems you face by sticking just to Google Drive. Now, we have come up with the best alternative options and the features they provide. Continue reading the article to grab more information regarding them and choose the coolest and safest one, where we have displayed the features and both its pros and drawbacks without any favorable mentions.

Amazon Cloud Drive:

Nowadays “Amazon Cloud Drive” has become quite famous due to its best services and features. It allows you to store up to 5 GB of information for free. Amazon has its own Mp3 services, so it will automatically add that to your cloud storage without taking up the additional countable space. Though there is a little problem with the way it synchronises your files, we still recommend it as one of the best applications that provide cloud storage services.

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Reliable to its name, “SugarSync” works very well in synchronising your information and makes it easy to access over PC of both Windows and Mac and all types of mobiles with different operating systems. This is the most comfortable feature it provides to attract a larger audience. But the service provider is not considered very user-friendly for the layman with the least technical knowledge.


We cannot miss out the name “DropBox” while speaking about cloud storage services. It is quite known for the simple user interface, where anyone can handle it smoothly and share their files without any hindrances. Also, it provides up to 2 GB of storage for free and charges an affordable and worthy price for managing more information.

Microsoft One drive:

“One Drive” which was priorly called SkyDrive, is the cloud storage service provided by Microsoft. This is most commonly used as it essentially mingles the storage of all Microsoft Office products. It is amazingly good with its synchronisation without any hurdles and is considered extremely user-friendly as any common desktop user manage it with ease. Also, the service provides you with a whopping 15 GB of storage for free and charges the minimal rate for more storage.


If you are extremely concerned about the privacy of your data, then we don’t have any safer provider than “Tresorit”. This is exclusively designed by considering many security reasons of users and the best part is its encryption features. The cloud storage service of Tresorit enables only the user you share the data to access it. It means no third person can look at your data without your knowledge and the security is toughest to break for any professional hacker. This is most suggested for the users with confidential data and we assure that you are not going to regret your decision.


If you are a business entity or a team working on your data, then “Box” is the best cloud service for you. It is not quite recommended to individual users, while considered great for the customers who have to share the data and access to it as a group. Also, it has got some extremely friendly feedbacks from the small entities for its good user interface and the customisable permission access. The price is comparatively costly and it provides up to 10 GB of storage space for free.


“Cubby” is highly suggested for the normal users who are looking for a simple cloud service to use and which is equally good at its sync services. Being relatively cheaper than its competitors, Cubby gives you 5 GB of free storage to use.


This is another great product with the strongest privacy and security features. The encryption is very tough to break and you can easily monitor and control the viewers of your information. Apart from that, synchronization and other services are not very useful. If you are technically equipped and just looking for a provider with good security, then go for this product.


“Mega” is one such product you would definitely look for. It provides one of the safest security features and synchronization services. But the best part arrives where it offers 50 GB of storage absolutely free. This is quite shocking for the number of features and the quality of service it provides. The competitors of this product are quite costly and this is the sole product which is completely reliable and cheap for a greater extent. We recommend all type of users to go for this product.

So, the above are the reasons why you must have alternatives to Google Drive and the other best cloud service providers in the market. If you want to know more details regarding the information above, then do comment all your queries and doubts here. We will reach you as soon as possible and you can also ask us for related information.

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