“Whatsapp Disappearing Messages” Feature Is Here !!!

Facebook owned application – Whatsapp has recently announced the launch of the much awaited feature “ Disappearing Messages” in India. Whatsapp beta users are able to use this feature and will be available for all Android and iOS users at the end of this month.

“Whatsapp Disappearing Messages” Feature Is Here !!!

disappearing messages on whatsapp

disappearing messages on whatsapp

Whatsapp has officially rolled out the disappearing message option to its two billion users and stated that the option will be extended to whatsapp web and Desktop users too. The Whatsapp Disappearing Messages can be opted for both individual and group chats. Where the admins of the group can enable this feature. The whatsapp disappearing message feature has a time frame of seven days within which the messages will be deleted automatically. In this article we will let you know on how to enable the feature and also the pros and cons of this update.


 Limitations Of Messages Disappear Feature :

  • Even after enabling the Message disappearing feature In whatsapp the messages can be seen on the notification bar. 
  • This feature cannot be applied for quoted and forwarded messages in the chat even after the original messages are deleted. 
  • In the same way the disappearing feature cannot be enabled for replied messages in the chat. 
  • The user can back up the messages onto icloud storage before they disappear. These disadvantages question the security of the chats and are to be fixed. 
  • This feature cannot be applicable for the previous messages which are sent or received in the chat before enabling the option. 
  • This feature needs to be enabled for every single chat and cannot be turned on by default for all the messages.

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How To Enable The Disappearing Message Option:

Follow the below steps to enable the Whatsapp Disappearing Messages feature.

  • Open the chat of the contact you want the feature to be enabled.
  • Select the contact name.
dissapear message on whatsapp

disappear message on whatsapp


  • Scroll down for the “Disappearing Message” option.
  • Click on disappearing messages
whatsapp disappearing message option

whatsapp disappearing message option

This will switch on the disappearing feature for the particular chat you have selected. 

If you want to disable the feature select “OFF” which restores your chat messages.

The same procedure can be followed for disappearing the messages for a group chat by selecting the group name and enabling the feature only if you are the admin of the group.

Enable Whatsapp Disappearing Messages on web and desktop:

  • Open whatsapp web.
  • Select the chat you want to enable the option.
  • Tap on the contact and select the ON option to enable the disappearing messages.
  • Select OFF to disable Whatsapp Disappearing Messages.

Disappearing feature for media messages:

The media messages you receive in your chats will automatically be stored in your gallery. While enabling the disappearing feature the chats  disappear but the photos are stored with auto download option. The user can anytime disable the auto download option to make the media messages disappear. 

However the user has to know that  there is no option of customizing the time frame to delete the messages though the disappearing feature is on. Other competitor apps like Telegram and Signal app which are extensively used for secure messaging have many advanced options to choose from. This may disappoint the users of whatsapp while using the disappearing option. The whatsapp while releasing the official statement regarding the disappearing feature has warned its users to enable the option only with trustworthy persons and not for any unknown persons.


Hope this article by ishoutech helped you to know more regarding the Whatsapp Disappearing messages and how to enable it have made it easier for you to use. Do let us know your views regarding this latest feature. 

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