Using Darkmode Feature on MacBook Air

Darkmode on MacBook Air: With the advancement in digital technology, new features are winning the hearts of people. Some of these features can improve the privacy and security of the user. Other options are quite useful, and some are merely for fun. Here is the complete guide for Dark Mode on Mac.

Dark Mode on Mac
Dark Mode on Mac


The Dark mode on MacBook is one among such unique features. It makes Mac users more comfortable to work with during the darkness of night. The advantage of this feature is that it makes it easy for the user to concentrate and stay focused on his job. The reason being, it stands out as different while the other contents are pushed to the background. It is gentle to your eyes and helps to focus on your work even if you have to sit for a longer duration in front of the screen.

The dark mode feature makes use of dark color that operates system-wide along with the apps that come with Mac. Third-party apps can acquire it. In this article, let us discuss how to enable dark mode on Mac and how to use the Night mode on Mac. The benefits of using the Darkmode on mac and how to enable and disable it. 

Benefits of using the DarkMode feature on MacBook Air 

The Dark mode on MacBook feature comes as a bonus. It has gained popularity recently within three to five years. Let’s now brief about some of the benefits enjoyed by the MacBook users. 

  • It gives better contrast.
  • If there are any existing issues, it gives less flicker.
  • The eye fatigue and strain on the eyes can be reduced. 
  • The text can be read. Clearly, it gives clarity and improves the reading ability of the text.
  • It saves a small quantity of electricity. 
  • Less triggered photo-phobia 
  • Less blue light. 

Over the years, we are constantly using the light mode. Certain contents do not need a dark mode. The dark mode has been developed for people who want to reduce the strain on their eyes. Those who use this feature at night find it beneficial and extremely useful. 

How to enable Dark mode or turn on Dark Mode

  • Select the Apple menu and go to system preferences. This can be done by clicking on the icon which is visible on the toolbar ”System Preferences”. It appears like a grey box having gear inside it.
  •  Then click on General. It can be seen at the top or in the second row as per your Mac OS version.  
  • Then you have to choose one from among the ”Appearance” menu options that can be seen at the top of the window. There is three-box that is visible, which says:
  • Light– that makes use of light appearance 
  • Dark– which uses the dark appearance 
  • Auto – This is available on Mac OS Catalina, which automatically makes use of light appearance during the daytime and switches to dark appearance at night. You can switch between them to see how it looks like. 

How to turn off or Disable the Dark Mode option

Let us now learn the steps to disable the Dark Mode.

  • From the Apple menu, launch the system preferences, the Dock, or you could launch the spotlight (Command and space-bar) and type ”system preferences” there.
  • Select the General pane
  • The appearance section will be visible, select light from the options. 
  • After completing the above steps, finally, click on quit system preferences. 

Certain apps already support the Dark Mode as you switch on. Other apps must be updated to support this option. It can take a few months for upgrading it. Others do not support this feature. The dark mode mac is an amazing addition to the Mac OS. The user can easily turn on and off or use the keyboard shortcut to use this feature. 

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How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode on Mac

Google Chrome has a featured called dark mode that is aimed to provide a comfortable web browsing experience when in low light. Since 2019, Chrome as provided a Dark Mode across devices. It first came to Mac OS and then reached Android, Windows and Iphone users.

  • Click on the Apple menu and then system preferences.
  • Now, go to General and select Dark as the appearance Preference.
  • Open Chrome to see its Dark Mode.

In addition to Dark Mode, Chrome also shows the Dark home page when your incognito mode.

Night mode on Mac:

The blue light that is emitted by most of the mobile devices and computers cause strained eyes that can easily make us believe that it is daytime, even though it is late at night. The Apple device has succeeded in launching the features in iOS and Mac devices that automatically change or switch the colour. The screen will automatically go from bluish colour during the day to yellow complexion during the late evening.

The user can manually switch to the night shift or set a specific schedule by clicking on the night shift preferences on the schedule menu. Then choose custom and type the start and end time in the space inside the box. 


The apple edition on choosing the Darkmode on MacBook is extremely beneficial for night users, those who want to lessen their eye strain. The clarity of the text enables the user to read the contents without difficulty, giving clarity to the text read. It also provides a better contrast on the screen. Thanks to this Darkmode feature on MacBook. 


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