Upload Images on Instagram Using PC/ Laptop & Mac?

Upload Images on Instagram Using PC: Social media is the new hype these days, and people are quite precise about what they want to show off and whatnot. In the age of social media, Instagram is one such platform that has not only encouraged the users but the developers a swell to come up with something new every time they see the features of the flabbergasting social media manifesto.

Every social media freak has a fascinating soft corner for uploading photos, videos, Boomerangs, and what not on Instagram. But the question that hops up in the mind of every newbie is how? Using a phone to upload an image is quite easy, but on the same page, if you are using a laptop, then the process may be quite complicated.

Ways to Upload Images on Instagram Using PC/ Laptop & Mac?



If you have particularly taken photos with a digital camera, or if you want to edit photos using your desktop software before posting them, then the phone won’t serve the cause. Instagram has made it surprisingly tough for people to upload photos from their desktop. There’s no way through which you can upload a photo on Instagram using the Instagram website or through the official Windows 10 app.

Thankfully using some tweaks and tricks, posting photos on Instagram can be quite handy from your laptop as well. Here’s how you can upload images on Instagram on your laptop or PC. Have a look!

Method#1 Post Images on Instagram PC Using Vivaldi

This is one easiest and quickest way to upload photos to your Instagram from a PC / Mac. Vivaldi is a customization browser that can help you upload your photos by running Instagram’s website in the mobile version in a web panel. All you need to do is to get Vivaldi, create a web panel, and then you can easily upload to Instagram by clicking on the plus icon placed at the bottom of the website. All of it is free, and so you don’t need to pay a single buck for the entire uploading process.

Method#2 Using Blue Stacks

Undoubtedly the Instagram app for smartphones s flawless and seamless. If you are lamenting on using the desktop version on the phone, then you can always use the Blue Stacks App player that is essentially an emulator enabling you to upload videos and photos from your PC or Mac. You can register in the emulator by clogging into your Google account. Then you have to install the Instagram app and upload and apply filters and share. Doesn’t the process resemble quite to the mobile responsive version?

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Method#3 Flume for Mac

Well, Mac has its flairs, so if you want to use Instagram on Mac, then there is no better alternative than installing Flume for Mac. The best part is that the software is free with the full-fledged basic features. But if you want to manage multiple accounts or upload videos and photos directly from your desktop, then you surely need to go for the paid option.

With wide flexibility, the app has a slick Mac styled interface that includes filters and lets you manage activity on your account and manage your profile. Though the program doesn’t include scheduling, you can surely be contented enough of the other features that it provides.

Method#4 Deskgram

Deskgram is one desktop integrating software that runs well on both the versions of Mac and PC. Although the program isn’t as clear as it can be in the app’s documentation, you can surely add photos off your choice from the app.

Deskgram is elementary an emulator that doesn’t need a separate emulator host. The interface and the functions are quite straightforward to use, but the only drawback is that to upload any picture or images and to tag anyone in them, you need to upgrade the software to the Pro Version that costs $2.99 per month.

Method#5 Uplet

Uplet is a tool mainly used to upload pictures or videos on Instagram only on Mac. The app will request you to login to your Instagram account before uploading your pictures. The bulk photo uploading function by the Uplet tool was the best part of the app followed by resizing the pictures.

Uplet tool is currently available only for the Mac users. The price of the app was $9.99 and will be provided with Eltima photo bundle which is also an editing software.

There was a free version available for the software and we can try it. If you are uploading bulk images you need to keep the number in check while using the Uplet app.

A word of wisdom

Instagram isn’t just an ideal platform for people to improve their popularity but can also be a great place to publicize your new startup. If you are looking for a place that can carry the publicity stunt quite skillfully, then there is no better alternative than Instagram to bet on. Before uploading the images, make sure that you edit them right, tag people that can help you gain publicity, and post the images on your feed or story. Get the right filters, and Take the right measures, and Instagram can surely do wonders for your business or individual cause.


The craze of Instagram has crossed all leaps and bounds, and people are insanely obsessed with uploading every minute detail of their day to day activities on Instagram. But uploading doesn’t necessarily mean violating the privacy policies of the social media and posting content that can be termed as sensitive by the site. Make sure that you are posting appropriate pictures.

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