Google My Business Listing- How to Add Business Listing on Google

Google Business Listing: If you are a budding entrepreneur or the one who owns a local business and lack promotion, then you must certainly learn about listing your business on Google. We all know how important it is to advertise and how this little task will pay off huge over the long term. Also, surveys say that most of the people who search our business also reach it.

So, ignoring this crucial step is mere negligence towards your business. Apart from the general advertisement, there is this one medium. “Google” has become a large part of our lives and anything is learnt in one search. So, there might be thousands of internet users who are in need of your business. The lack of acknowledgement to your business will be solved by listing your business on Google Maps.

Google My Business Listing- How to Add Business Listing on Google

Benefits of Listing on Google 

Earlier, it wasn’t very easy to list your business online. Getting ranked in the search results is called Search engine Optimization. And getting noted on Google was indeed a tough task. But with the help of “Google My Business”, everything has become quite easy and quick. But before learning about the process to list your business on Google, let’s learn their uses. Here are some important facts and benefits you can avail by listing your business on Google.

Free Publicity:

Yes, to get listed on ‘Google My Business’ is absolutely free of cost and your business will be famous with every search.

Optimized visibility during the search:

Apart from having your own business website, to list it on Google is a different thing. It will give a clear and observable search result regarding your business.

Provides Location:

Generally, when your business is ranked in Google by your website, it will generally don’t end up showing appropriate location. But listing on ‘Google My Business’ will help many customers or random users in finding your correct address without any hindrances.

Communicates in a higher level:

Google search is more powerful than any other advertising medium. As it is the most common and heavily used search engine, the whereabouts of your business speaks volumes when listed.

Essential information is showcased:

Apart from just disclosing your business, listing it on Google provides all valuable and crucial details that are favorable in learning about it.

Insights of business:

The customers can learn more about the detailed analysis of your business and its progress as ‘Google My Business’ will make them accessible to your business insights.

Direct communications with customers:

As ‘Google My Business’ is related to all other Google products, it helps your customers and other essential people to contact you directly through Hangouts messenger.

Quick feedback:

Many customers actually provide feedback about your business through Google reviews. It actually helps in boosting your business, as many people rely on the reviews alone to find out your authenticity.

Google analytics tools:

Google Analytics is an extra special feature you can benefit through listing your business on Google. It will help you track the traffic visiting your website and you can constantly improve your site based on the calculations.

How to Add Business Listing on Google Maps 

add business listing
add business listing

Till now, we have learned about why listing your Business on Google is useful and how it is going to help you. Now we are going to provide a clear method to list the business. We have described the whole process in a step by step method which gives you both a brief and elaborate view.

Steps to List your Business :

  • Create a Google account for your Business: Go to and create a business account by entering your details like Name, Address, Phone number, Website and Delivery area.
  • Categorise your business based on the prompts provided by Google.
  • Reach Google Maps: Go to Google Maps and search for your business location. If your business shows up there then ignore this step. If it doesn’t then do add your location to let Google know about your Business. Just click on “Add the place” to do so.
  • Add a physical location: Even if your business is already visible on Google Maps, it is not a reliable way to spot your address. So, add your location details clearly without missing any details.
  • Tap on submit: When you fill all the needed information, just press submit.
  • Wait for Email: Generally within 24 hours, Google will send you a verification email to let you know that you are actively listed on it.
  • Tap on the link sent through email: This is the final step to cross-check whether the information you provided is properly included or not.

The above process is the simplest method to list your business on Google. This can be achieved in a few minutes through following it as exactly mentioned above. You have to begin by creating a Google account and adding your location on Google Maps. Don’t miss out any details as it is the only way customers recognize you and it is not healthy risking it with wrong information. But generally, the listing process doesn’t accurately end here. It involves claiming your business, which is determinedly explained further.

Claiming your Business Listing:

After creating a business listing on Google, you need to claim it to add other essential details and to acknowledge Google that the business belongs to you. And this claiming process gives access to your Business information, which can be edited and modified as per your changing needs. Below is a step wise method to claim your Business listing on Google.

Steps to claim Business Listing:

  • Go to Business maps: Reach Google Maps and search your business location or simply tap on the link sent by Google through email.
  • Press on “Claim this business”: You will be provided with numerous options and you have to choose “Claim this business”, which is a primary step in doing so.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a page where you have to provide all your business and personal information as asked and click on the necessary links given there.

These simple steps help in claiming your business listing as your own. Suppose you discover your business listing prepared by others, then you have to be verified with Google whose process will be arrived if you keep following the steps as asked by it.

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How to verify your business

There are many ways to verify your Google My Business

  • By Postcard
  • Through Phone
  • Through Email

By Postcard

  1. Login to your Google My Business and choose the business you want to verify
  2. Mention your business address correctly. Add a contact name- to whom the postcard will be addressed to
  3. Click on mail. The post card will be received in five days
  4. Login to Google My Business and then click on verify now and enter the five-digit verification on the post card and click submit

Through Phone

  1. Choose the business you want to verify
  2. Make sure your phone number was correct, then choose “verify by Phone”
  3. Enter the verification code from the text you receive

Through Email

  1. Choose the Business you want to verify
  2. Make sure your email address is correct, then choose “verify by Email”
  3. Go to your inbox, open the email from Google My Business, and click the verification button in the email


This is the complete information regarding business listing on Google. We have given the benefits and the whole process in doing it. Comment here to let us know about queries and we will reach you shortly.

Guide to take Screenshot on Mac OS [Different Methods explained]

Here is a guide to take screenshot on MAC OS with commands, software & different alternative methods. If you are using an Apple laptop and your work requires a screenshot regularly, then you need to know the best way to take a screenshot.

Guide to take Screenshot on Mac OS [Different Methods explained]

Screenshot on MAC
Screenshot on MAC

There are many ways to take a screenshot in mac like using the keyboard method or using any alternative software, but the best way to take a screenshot is to use the command line.

Take Screenshot on Mac Using Commands:

Aside from using a keyboard, you can also take a screenshot on mac OS directly from the terminal along with a screen capture command. Here is a total overview where you will get information on how to take a screenshot in mac OS by using a command.

Use Command from A Terminal for Mac OS

First, you have to start the terminal and then type screen capture test.jpg. This is the most initial, or we can say the basic format of the command to take a screenshot. Then it will help you in taking the screenshot of the whole screen, and it will give the name of “test.jpg” in its working terminal directory, which will be your user home. You can also choose another location only by choosing the path of the screenshot by typing screen-capture/desktop/

Send Screenshot by Using the Command Line

If you want that your screenshot will be sent to your clipboard instead of sending it to a file then you can attach c flag but don’t assign any path name or file to it. You can now get it on your clipboard which you can paste it into preview, pages and photo Shops.

Take A Screenshot on A Timer by Using the Command Line

One of the good features of using the command for taking the screenshot is that it let you take screenshots on time. Here it will help you in capturing the alert like menus, boxes, and many more things. The –t flag needs to be allowed amount in seconds.

4.Take a screenshot in silent by using the command

While taking a screenshot, there is always a sound of it, but if you want to take a screenshot with silence, then you have to use –x flag and type the command screen capture –x quiet.jpg and the work will be done.

Sending where from terminal to mail using the command

first type the command screen capture-m mailme.jpg after that screenshot will be taken, and it will be saved as mailme.jpg, then it will automatically open the mail, and the screenshot will be attached to it. After that you can perform a variety of function by using a single command. If you want to see if you have any other options, then use the command-line screen capture h it will let you know about other options.

Alternative Methods Using Software

A grab is an alternative software that will help you in taking the screenshot of the screen and will save them as image files. Grab has various types of modes for screen capture, and updated shortcuts are also supported. It comes with updated versions for mac OS.

To use grab, you have to:

  • open grab from the utility folder, which comes under applications.
  • You have to type grab app in finder.
  • Then open the Launchpad then go to another and click on grab.

Grab generally saves the screenshot in PNG format. It is an image format that is considered a loss less image. You can also change the also format to JPG, GIF, TIFF, and also in PDF format.

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How will you change the screenshot photo format?

Suppose you want to change the format of the general photo from PNG to JPG. Then you just have to open the terminal then type the command without any quotation marks.

Taking screenshot using grab?

  1. The first click on grab then goes to capture option. This will help you in taking a screenshot of a particular region you want.
  2. If you want to trigger the select option, you can use shift + command + A.
  3. To capture the screenshot of the window, you can go to grab then go to capture then to the window.
  4. For shortcut or an alternative way to trigger the option of window capture, then use Shift+ Command + W.
  5. To screenshot of the whole screen in mac OS, then go to grab then go to capture and then screen.

Take screenshots on an Apple Watch

It is possible to take screenshots on an Apple Watch. All you need to do is enable screenshots. To do so first we need to go to the watch app on your iPhone, tap general and scroll down until you see Enable Screenshot – Toggle this on.

To take screenshot on an Apple Watch, press the side button and Digital Crown at the same time. Apple watch screenshots will be saved to the photo’s app on your iPhone.

Where screenshots get saved on mac

By default, when you take screenshot on a mac, they are saved on your desktop. If you want to change the location where screenshots are stored, then follow the below steps.

  • Press Command- Shift-5.
  • Click options, and in the options menu, you will be able to see number of locations
  • If you want to save your screenshots to a custom folder, click other location and choose a folder
  • All feature screenshots will be saved in the same location where you choose


Here the process of taking screenshot mac OS using the command in mac OS is explained. It will help you in knowing various alternative methods to take a screenshot if taking a screenshot is important for you.

View and Manage App Permissions on Android Devices?

Do you remember the times and the terms to which you clicked I agree when you first opted to start and run an app or your phone? Well, the answer will be no because no one seriously cares about the permissions on the phone or how they can be beneficial and harmful. Yes, agree to all the permissions, and giving you device access to almost all of your personal information can surely provide you a more friendly experience, but it can also be a security threat for your sensitive data, so after this, be careful of hat you agree to. Here is the complete guide for Manage App Permissions on Android.

View and Manage App Permissions on Android Devices

Getting started with permissions

Want to know about what you agree to, and what are the permissions and how they work on your device? If yes, then here’s a guide that can lead you through the nuts and bolts of the permissions in some of the most popular Operating systems. Go through it!

What are permissions?

Well, as the name suggests, permissions are essentially allowances and concessions that you agree to as a potential user to help your mobile application perform an entire range of functions. Android users come through this concept of permissions on the play store while they are about to install some app, but for another operating system. These permissions have a completely different approach.

iOS systems have this ritual of making the users come across the permissions on a case by case base. With every feature that needs to be used, permission comes into play, and you have to grant permission for the system as you proceed using the app. Lastly, windows are the most liberal operating system when it comes to permission because no permission is being asked at all, and the users on the Windows operating system are simply informed about the feature depending on the nature and existence of the app.


Manage App Permissions on Android
Manage App Permissions on Android

View & Manage Android App permissions

Depending on the manufacturer and the nature of the app, Android app permissions come in a diversified range of flavors. To view the permissions, you have to open up the settings and head to the segment of apps and notifications. From there, you have to tap on permission. And you will be able to view the field to which the app has access to.

If you are searching for a more comprehensive list of permissions. Then you can go to apps and notifications and find the variety of field to which the app has access to. From there, you can grant permission for some apps, whereas you can also deny some permissions. So be very specific about what you agree to and whatnot.

View & Manage iOS permissions

Android functions slightly different from that of iOS devices when it comes to permissions. You can see a flurry of requests while discovering the new features when you start on iOS. When you first install something new or when you just start to use some new features. These new permissions will be asked for several times.

To review and manage the permissions in iOS. You can go to settings from where you can tap on the privacy option. Then tap on any entry to see which apps are granted what permissions. If you want to find individual app entries. Then you have to scroll down and go beyond the privacy menu to access other apps as well as their respective permissions.

View & Manage Windows app permissions

Windows 10, though, has evolved but has become more of a smartphone. Easy but fewer permission concerns. To check and recheck the permissions first, you have e to click on the Start menu and then open the settings to pick privacy from there. Then what you need to do is you have to see what your installed apps are allowed to do so that you can grant or deny the permissions.

Though windows are a far more liberal alternative than android or iOS when it comes to permission. There are certain privileges as well that are available to you if you are talking about the app permissions. You also need to note that the changes won’t be applied to the apps at all until they are started, so don’t panic if your changes aren’t saved.

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How to Release or Block App Permissions in Android

Every application needs some permissions  to function properly. Most of the time, they requested to demand, something important to keep the device is safe.

  • Open the” settings” application
  • Tap on “Apps
  • Click on the “Manage apps” option
  • Tap on the application you want to block app permissions.
  • Open the “App Permissions
  • Touch the rejected permission and then “Allow”. If you want to block an access, just touch it and then “Deney”.

Note: This procedure was done in Xiomi, Poco X3 NFC with muiu 12. Therefore the above instructions may be slightly different depending on yours phone’s interface.

Why should you ever care about the permissions?

Well, permissions are undoubtedly important on the part of the users for seamless and flawless user experience and are harmful as well. But you do need to control them if you want to keep your device away from any malware and sensitive content. Most people do tend to click I agree on the terms and conditions. Because they are lengthy but sometimes it is important to read the list before it is too late and you move to the next step. Follow the steps mentioned above and view and manage the permissions on your device before it’s too late. And you get into some serious trouble.

Removing Startup Items on MacBook Laptops

Removing Startup Items on MacBook Laptops

In today’s advanced world, everything is remotely controlled by software.  To facilitate this, there are apps specially made for every specific work. While this may seem attractive at first, in the long run, downloading and running these apps on any device will only result in slowing down the device. So, while some apps are great to use at first, their benefits, in the long run, are reduced to a minimum. Here is the complete guide for Removing Startup Items on MacBook.

However, today’s electronic companies pride themselves over the fact as to how many new innovative apps can they provide on their electronic devices.  All these are built in such a way to launch at the start-up.  So, if you have one such device with has a lot of apps that launch at the start-up, then rather than facilitating your work, they may indirectly cause a slowdown in your work speed.  But all hope is not lost.  There are ways to remove the startup items, especially from MacBook.

Removing Startup Items on MacBook
Removing Startup Items on MacBook


The foremost and simplest method to disable the Start-up apps is from the Dock itself.  All you must do is to right-click on the App and go to Options.   The apps which are programmed to open automatically will have a checkmark right next to the option ‘Open at Login’.   Uncheck this option and it will be disabled.

Another method is to go to System Preferences.  From there go to the Users & Groups section.  This will lead to Login Items.  Here a list of all items which will launch at start-upis mentioned.  So simply highlight the app that you do not need and click on the minus button which is mentioned under the list.

Thirdly, there is another option to temporarily disable the start-up Apps.   For instance, you are in a hurry to start your Mac but do not have the time for all the start-up apps to load.  In such cases, you can temporarily disable these start-up apps for this one session only. For this, enter your login information as per the normal procedure. But hold down the Shift key before submitting your credentials until the time the Dock appears.  This will ensure that the start-up apps will not load for this session.

DELAY START on Removing Startup Items on MacBook

It may sound cliche, but then there is an app called ‘Delay Start’ which helps in delaying the start of the start-up apps.   There is a timer that you can set up for certain specific apps.  So, these will only start at your preferred time.   The ‘Delay Start’ app has an interface like the Mac. By clicking on the plus sign, you can add a program to the list and change the time setting, that is by how many seconds the apps can be delayed.  So, the next time your Mac starts up, the start-up apps will be delayed as per the time set.


Sometimes you may need some start-up items later and not immediately when you start the computer.  In such cases, it is better to launch them at the start-upitself. Then you can hide them so that they do not unnecessarily pop up on the screen.  This way, the start-up will be running in the background and you can use it whenever you want it.  The steps for this method are to go to System Preferences. Then go to the Users & Group section.  From there go to the Login Items and then select or tick the Hide box which is next to it.


If you are sure that you do not need the apps then it is best to remove them. There are two methods to delete the apps. One is through the Launchpad and the second one is through the Finder.

  1. THROUGH LAUNCHPAD:   Open Launchpad.  Press and hold the Option key or hold any app until they start to jiggle.  Click the ‘x’ next to the app and then click on delete to confirm.   If the ‘x’ mark is not shown, that means this app is required by Mac. It could also mean that it is not from the App Store. You can then delete it through Finder.
  2. THROUGH FINDER:  Click-open the Applications from the Sidebar of any Finder window.  Drag the app to the Trash or select the option ‘Move to Trash’. Then select the Empty Trash to delete the app.

If you realize that you need to use the app after deleting it, then you can simply reinstall it or restore it from a back-up.

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How to stop programs from running at startup on your Mac

  • Turn on your Mac and then click the apple logo at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click “System Preferences…..” and then click the “users and group” icon.
  • Tap on “login items” at top right corner of the window.
  • Click on the lock icon at bottom left corner and enter your password if prompted. Click “unlock”.
  • Tap on check box next to the program listed below the words “These items will open automatically when your login” and then the minus
  • And then the minus sign at the bottom of screen to remove it.


There is no need to get irritated or stressed up if your Mac takes a long time to boot up or it starts with so many programs that you didn’t even wish to start.  So, follow the above steps and manage your start-up items on MacBook.  By doing this you will end up saving your MacBook’s memory and help in fastening up the speed.


Resolving Bluetooth Errors On Windows 10

As with any electronic device, from time to time some problems or minor issues will be encountered. Do not think that something major is wrong with the device. It might be a small minor error that can be rectified immediately. Yes, resolving Bluetooth errors on Windows 10 is simple and easy. It is not rocket science at all.  

Resolving Bluetooth Errors on Windows 10:

bluetooth errors
bluetooth errors

Product Information:  Some devices do not have Bluetooth capabilities. Hence check for the product specifications first before setting up the new device to not face any error later.

Bluetooth on:  

The Bluetooth switch should be switched on. In Windows 10, there are two ways to turn on the Bluetooth. First, check for it in the Taskbar. Then Select the ‘Action Centre.’ You will find the Bluetooth icon. If it is not seen, click on Expand. You will see the Bluetooth icon. Select it to turn it on. If the windows 10 device is not connected or paired with the Bluetooth accessories, it will show a message stating ‘Not connected.’ Another method to check if the Bluetooth is on or not is by going to the Start button. From there, select Settings and go to Devices and further to Bluetooth & other Devices. Here you can turn the Bluetooth settings on. When the Bluetooth is turned on, a message will come up stating ‘now discoverable as {computer name}.’

Once the above preliminary steps are taken, and still you find that there are some Bluetooth errors on windows 10, then the following checks should be made:

Check the Bluetooth device: While checking the Bluetooth, please check if the device is turned on, batteries are charged, and most importantly, if the PC is in the range of the Bluetooth. After this, turn off the Bluetooth. Please wait for a few minutes and then turn it on again. Still, if there are some problems encountered, make sure that there are no other unshielded USB devices close by. 

  1. These USB devices can sometimes interfere with the Bluetooth connection making them either unresponsive or even sluggish.

Check your PC:

You can start by turning off and then turning on the Bluetooth from your PC. 

This is done by going to the Start button. From there, go to Settings, then Devices, and lastly, Bluetooth other Devices section. 

  1. Please turn it off and wait for a few minutes and then turn it on again. Another error could be due to the Airplane mode being switched on the PC. To check, go to the Start button and then to the Settings. From there, select Network & Internet. Under the Airplane mode, make sure that it shows as ‘Off”.

If the Bluetooth errors persist on your Windows 10, then delve a little deeper into the problem despite doing the above primary steps. The errors could be resolved by taking the following remedial steps:

Run the Troubleshooter:

This is a quick fix solution to any problem encountered in Windows 10. To start troubleshooting, go to the Settings. From there, select Updates & Security and click on Troubleshoot. Select Bluetooth and click on the option ‘Run the Troubleshooter.’

Update Drivers:

This is the quickest and fastest solution to any Bluetooth errors you might have encountered in Windows 10. For this, Go to ‘Device Manager.’ Right-click on the Bluetooth device. Select the ‘Properties’ option and then go to the Advanced tab. Herein the Manufacturer ID will be mentioned. Note it down. Same time, your Bluetooth device’s manufacturer details will also be mentioned, and you will be redirected to the page from where you can download and update your latest driver. If there is no recent update available, you can manually download and update it through the Device Manager menu.

Change power saving options:

This could also be another reason for encountering Bluetooth problems on your Windows 10. Because the power saving option can be one of the main reasons why the Bluetooth device might be disabled, go to the Device Manager to resolve this error. Double click on Bluetooth, and when the ‘properties’ menu opens, go to the ‘Power Management’ section. Here uncheck the option ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.’ After unchecking this option, click on the ok button to confirm and save the changes. 

Resolving Bluetooth errors on windows 10 Using a different USB port:

The USB port you are currently trying to connect to might be damaged or might not support the peripheral. So, a simple step would be to change the USB port to another one and try again.

Double check Bluetooth Service status

  • Press Windows + R to open Run and then type the command services.msc
  • The List will be sorted in alphabetic order. From that list Choose Bluetooth
  • Double click each option and check the server status
  • If the server status is shown as stopped, click start to get the service continue

Make your System Discoverable

  • Press Windows + I and go to Device > More Bluetooth options
  • Click allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC
  • Its only necessary when you’re pairing a phone and may not be required for mouse or keyboard

Resolving Bluetooth errors on windows 10 using Disable other Bluetooth devices

Other Bluetooth devices may interfere while you try to pair a new device

  • To disable press Windows + I open settings and then click devices
  • Check each Bluetooth device and click Remove device > yes


The above article by ishoutech lists some of the common Bluetooth errors encountered on Windows 10. The remedial measures mentioned above are sure to rectify the errors you might have faced. Since Bluetooth uses wireless technology protocol, there will be some minor issues now and then. In such cases, the above quick-fix solutions will surely help.