Lightroom VS Snapseed Which One Is Better for Editing ? 

The latest mobile phones that are available today have many intelligent apps. At the Google play store, there are plenty of photo editing apps that are available. Some are paid apps and others are completely free to use. Among those apps, the two most useful mobile apps that many of the social media or Instagram users often use are the Adobe Lightroom mobile app and the Snapseed app. Editing photographs is a major element of photography. Many tutorials are available to assist in editing the pictures. Lightroom vs Snapseed is one among such editing apps.

lets discuss about  Lightroom vs Snapseed Which One is Better:

Snapseed is a  photo editing app that can be used on your mobile phones. Snapseed is an amazing app for beginners as well as professional users. The Lightroom is a perfect app for dark and colored shades. To answer the question, which is the best photo editing app that is available for android mobile phone users, currently, the Lightroom mobile app is better compared to the Snapseed app. The Lightroom mobile app is more precise and has amazing features as well. It offers many great tools for editing. It has both free and premium tools. Lightroom app has more than 100 million downloads.

snapseed vs lightroom
snapseed vs lightroom

Snapseed Vs Lightroom

The snapseed app has been owned by Google. But it is not developed by them as the app was not updated by Google. On the other hand, Lightroom mobile app has got several software updates and it is a strongly built app that is based on subscription. There are certain advanced pro features like perspective correction, healing, selective adjustments which are restricted to the users in general. Both of these editing tools have a completely different interface.  The tools in the snapseed are present at the tools section and the styles tab has certain go styles. At the top, there are options for undoing and redoing. In the lightroom, the tools are present at the bottom. The image information, share, delete, help, ratings and certain other options are also available at the top. 

Different styles in Snapseed & Lightroom:

Snapseed has 11 styles and more than 25 tools whereas Lightroom has around  15 tools, but each of the tools in the Lightroom has certain sub tools. Some of the filters that are included in Snapseed are morning, smooth, fine art, bright, etc. Lightroom has profiles and presets. It has around 45 filters and nearly 40-45 presets, they come as free and are categorized as black and white, favorites, vintage, modern, etc. Both Snapseed and Lightroom have auto-tuning features. Snapseed has the image tuning and white balance for the picture. Where Lightroom has one single button for auto-tuning the image. 

styles in lightroom
styles in lightroom

Crop option:

The crop options of Snapseed are crop, expand, rotate, and perspective option. Lightroom has straightened, flip horizontal and vertical, rotate in one tool tab. Both the apps have tutorials to assist and guide the user with photo editing. The tools are explained and it allows you to apply the filters and make changes to your photos. In Lightroom, the latest editions of tutorials are being published. The edits are displayed on the tutorial and the user can make use of a similar method for editing.  In both the apps, there are export features that support the same resolution photos. The location of the picture captured, date, camera information is saved in Snapseed.  In Lightroom, the camera information, date, adding the tags for the photo is possible.  The photo location is not saved but it can export the photos in jpg format. 

different tools in snapseed
different tools in snapseed

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Now let us look into the efficiency of Adobe Lightroom vs Google Snapseed.  

  1. Lightroom supports RAW editing of photographs. The Subscribed users can even edit RAW Photos from DSLR and even from the mirrorless cameras and they can apply the lens corrections wherever necessary.
  2. Certain essential tools for RAW editing of the images like sharpening and noise reduction are available on Lightroom.  The snapseed does not possess these features. 
  3. There are also other tools like texture, clarity, Dehaze that are not available on the snap seed.
  4. Lightroom has built-in camera apps like the HDR mode and Free Pro Mode.
  5. Lightroom has optics support like the Chromatic Aberration Correction and Lens profile correction. 
  6. The photos synchronizing feature is also available in Lightroom. If you are a subscribed user, the photos can be synchronized to the cloud and it can be edited and used from your desktop or mobile.
  7. Adobe Lightroom offers entire basic editing features for even those users who are not subscribed to it, but Snapseed does not provide the option to adjust whites and blacks in the photo.
  8. Lightroom mobile app has profiles & presets 
  9. Lightroom has better selective editing options like radial tools, gradient, and even the brushes are useful.

Since both the apps have their unique features and tools, Snapseed is powerful concerning brushing, editing, adding frames, editing RAW images. Lightroom can be used for more quick editing of the picture and sharing the photos. Hope this article has provided valuable information about both the photo editing apps. 

YouTube Go on PC – How to Use on Windows 7,8,10 & MAC

YouTube Go on PC: YouTube is one of the most sought video browsing platforms that has been in existence. In other words, it is nothing short of a bliss to us because we usually spend hours and hours working on it. After having a really hectic day, YouTube is the go-to for many of us because let’s admit! It contains a lot of videos that we love. Be it a movie, a gaming video, a musical, a song, the latest news or the updates; YouTube has just everything under a roof. Among the millions of users that use YouTube, I’m a person who spends most of the times watching news updates and the reason behind that is that not many of them actually have adequate time to sit before the television and watch stuff.

Over the period, I was tempted to use my own channel and then ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’ and ‘Upload’ has become common terms. The reason why YouTube is considered as the best video streaming platforms is that it is versatile. You can just upload anything with a single click, as long as the content is original to you. Recently, YouTube has even started providing the 3D videos, live streaming, the Round the clock videos through which the video uploading has been taken to another level. Trust me when I say this, most of us can’t imagine a world without YouTube. Wouldn’t that be boring?

What is YouTube GO?

How exactly is YouTube different from YouTube GO? This is indeed an interesting concept. YouTube GO is the latest app that has been developed for Android users as it has advanced features in order to make your YouTube watching experience enhanced and thrilling. YouTube GO is developed with brand new features where you will be given a preview of the videos before actually watching the whole video. You can also download these videos offline and share them across various platforms including Bluetooth and WiFi. It also helps you to manage the data, set the resolutions according to your bandwidth. Check out the complete article to know how to use youtube go on pc & Laptop.

Why do you use YouTube GO?

The one drawback that irks most of us about YouTube is that it doesn’t have the offline feature. It is mandatory to have a consistent internet connection to use YouTube which makes it limited when we reach zones where we can’t access the web. The offline feature provided by YouTube GO allows you to not only save the video but view it even when you are offline. The offline feature provided by YouTube allows you to save the video but you can’t manage the storage space or can share the video with others.

There were too many unofficial apps that are available previously in order to expand the limitations of YouTube, but YouTube GO has turned out to be one step solution for everything.  YouTube GO, as an app has been designed for the users who have limited connectivity and band width. An interesting thing about ‘YouTube GO’ is that it is initially launched in Delhi, India in order to test the experience.

YouTube GO Features:

  • You can access all the videos even with the slowest network connection.
  • With this app, you can save and as well as share all the videos offline.
  • You can manage the storage and control the data with it.
  • This app is exclusively designed for people who have data constraints in India and therefore, it is first tested in India.
  • The app allows you to visit the preview of the video before you actually download/watch and share the videos.
  • Using this app, you can share the videos without actually consuming the data or without access to the internet.
  • You can remove the video from your home page in case if you have not liked the video so that it won’t appear on the screen anymore.
  • YouTube GO works more efficiently than YouTube even when you are accessing it with 2G network.
  • It notifies you about the data usage, the remaining bandwidth left so that you can decide whether to stream the video or save it.

Youtube Go on PC Windows

Youtube Go on PC
Youtube Go on PC

Downloading YouTube GO on PC is an extremely easy thing to do. You can just download the app with an active Google account by accessing the play store. You can either copy paste the link in the browser and download it directly from here or just open the Play store and download it from there.

YouTube GO App:

After opening the play store, you can search for the option that says, ‘YouTube GO’ on your device and download the official result by clicking on the ‘install’ option available.

Download YouTube GO on Windows PC:

Getting YouTube GO for PC is easy because all you need to have is an Android emulator which emulates the app for the PC.

  1. The first thing to do is download a good Android emulator like Bluestacks. Visit the official website of Bluestacks and get the version which is compatible with your device.

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is an Android emulator discovered by an American technology company in order to allow people to download apps on other platforms. This software is responsible for allowing people to use cross-platform products which are cloud-based. It also allows the applications to run on mac OS and windows when they are designed to use strictly for the particular platform. Alternatives of BlueStacks include DroidVN, NOx Player etc.

  1. Once you have downloaded the emulator by following the mentioned steps, you can open it from your desktop shortcut and run the emulator.
  2. The emulator will open a virtual Android interface on your device. Access the Play store and enter your credentials to log in. Now, proceed with the search process of the ‘YouTube GO’ app in it.
  3. Once you are sure that you have the official app in the picture, click on the ‘install’ button for further results. Wait for the installation to get done and open the app in order to use it.
  4. This process is very similar to the process that we follow for downloading the Android applications on your smartphone.
  5. As soon as the app is installed, you can open the YouTube GO on PC app and follow the below procedure to use it.

How to use YouTube GO on pc Windows/ Laptop?

  1. To get hold of all the features of YouTube GO, one has to be aware of all the available features. You also have to be precise about the usage of the app and how to use it. After installing the YouTube GO app on Windows, you need to select the language, the suitable interests so that your home page is customized accordingly.
  2. The app will ask you to give the mobile number so that you have a validated usage. After entering the mobile number, you will get a verification code from the app. Enter the code and verify your account.
  3. The next step is about allowing the permissions of the ‘YouTube GO on PC” app where you have to allow the app to use the audio, video and other requirements of the app. After allowing the access, click ‘Next’ to use the app.
  4. Towards the end of the screen, you can find two options saying, ‘Downloads’ and ‘Home’ where you can find the downloaded videos as well as the feed. In the downloads, you can find all the saved videos accordingly.
  5. On the top of the interface, you can find a symbol saying ‘Sharing information from one mobile to another’ through which you can share the videos with your friends. All you have to do is search for the desired video, click on it to get the preview and then play the video.
  6. Usually, after getting the preview, the video will display two different options, ‘play’ and ‘download’. The play option will allow you to play the video while the download option allows you to download it the songs with minimal data.
  7. The only thing that you can’t do in ‘YouTube GO’ is that you can’t like a video, or subscribe to a particular channel. You have to open the general ‘YouTube’ for that.


This is a full-fledged process to use ‘YouTube GO on windows PC” without any drawbacks.  The app comes with many latest versions and with each version, there are many personalised features that are available to you. YouTube GO on PC makes the experience of using YouTube convenient and easy for you. You just have to download it and get hold of the functionality to get all the benefits from it. If you have any doubts regarding the app, you can drop a comment so that we can get back to you.

How to Close / Remove Microsoft Account On Windows 10

Remove Microsoft Account On Windows 10: Most of the users have a Gmail account on their windows 10 pc, which is quite sufficient. However, a Microsoft account must use many of its services and products such as OneDrive and Office Online. But over time, many discontinue Microsoft services or products. At other times, you may start by using someone else’s account initially and then realize it is better to have a separate account or sometimes have an old account replaced with a new one. Such instances call for a removing of Microsoft Account on Windows10.

However, when you are closing a Microsoft account, Microsoft’s team wants to make sure of two important issues. Firstly, it is you and not some other person who is trying to close your account. And secondly, to ensure that you are not having anything important in the account you want to delete. So, Microsoft usually checks for your identity and intent before closing your account to prevent it from being accidentally closed and for privacy concerns. 

Precautions Before Closing Or Removing Microsoft Account:

  1. Go through the list of products and services that you are using through your Microsoft account.
  2. Find out what happens when you close your account. For example, your Skype ID,, Hotmail, and MSN email accounts will also be deleted.
  3. Xbox Live Data and Gamer tag services will also end. Any unused Reward points and Microsoft certification associated with the Microsoft Account Tag will also end. 

Therefore, first, take ample time to cancel the subscriptions and transfer or save information such as files, money from gift cards, emails, etc.

First and foremost, it is better to have a local account on your PC first.  

To create a local account on your Windows 10 PC, please follow the below steps:

  1. Press the Windows button + R and then type ‘netplwiz.’ Click on the OK button.  
  2. Then click on Add, select the ‘Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended).’

Click on ‘Local Account’ and then type a username and password.  

  1. After that, click on ‘Next.’ Finally, click on the ‘finish’ button.  
  2. Now, all steps are completed. Sign out from the Microsoft account that you are currently using and want to delete. Log in from the new local account that you just created and then remove your Microsoft account on Windows 10 PC, which you no longer need.

The steps to remove a Microsoft account from your Windows 10 are as follows:

  1. From the start button, go to the Settings section.
  2. Under settings, click on Accounts and scroll downwards. Click on the ‘Microsoft Account,’ which you want to delete. Read and check all the information properly.
how to remove microsoft account from windows 10
how to remove microsoft account from windows 10

      3.Now click on Remove and confirm the action by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button.

remove microsoft account from windows 10
remove microsoft account from windows 10

So, the process is very simple to remove the Microsoft account on windows 10.

Removing Account from Device Only

There is another method where you can remove an account from your device only.  

This means the account will not be deleted, but all content associated with the account will be removed from the device. The procedure to do it is as follows:

  1. Go to the Start button and then go to Settings. 
  2. Go to Accounts, and then to Email & Accounts. Under the section ‘Accounts used by Email’, select the account you want to delete and then click on ‘Manage.’
  3. Select ‘Delete account from this device’ and press on the delete button again to reconfirm.
to remove microsoft account from windows 10
to remove microsoft account from windows 10

Removing Account from Apps Only

  1. From the Start button and then to the Settings.
  2. Go to the Account section and from there to ‘Email & Accounts.’
  3. Under the ‘Accounts used by other Apps’ section, select the account you want to remove and click on the ‘Remove’ button.
  4. Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the removal.
how to remove microsoft account from windows 10
how to remove microsoft account from windows 10

Usually, there is a certain waiting period of at least 60 days before Microsoft permanently deletes your Microsoft account. So, use this waiting period to access something you might have forgotten earlier to access and save. In case you have a change of mind and want to reactivate the account, then sign in again within those 60 days. The account closure process will be canceled, and the Microsoft Account will work as usual. 


 As a precautionary measure, it is best to keep the Microsoft Account free and does not have any restrictions on its usage. You can log in any time you want. However, if you have created another new Microsoft account, it is better to delete the previous old account. Please note all contacts, all emails, attachments, etc. will be deleted. So please ensure that all the important data is backed up properly from your OneDrive account to your PC. Once that is done, you can safely remove your Microsoft account from Windows10. So take your time and remove the Microsoft Account after considering all the details carefully.