The Snapseed photo editing app is the best option for photo editing and sharing the edited pictures with your family members and friends. It comes as a free photo editing app that can aid you to make your photo look beautiful. The photos at Snapseed are saved at a low quality by default. So to make the photos appear in high quality, certain changes in the settings should be made. There is no necessity that you need to always photoshop or lightroom to make your photo appear beautiful, all that you can do using Snapseed for windows free app is to enhance the look of the photos. 

The snapseed can be used by both iOS and Android users. Once you open a photo that you need to makes changes, just tap on the tools button. You will find several tools available for editing purposes. As the image begins to load, you will notice three buttons that are placed at the bottom. They are looks, tools, and export. The looks option will help you to navigate through the filters that are available or you can create your filter. For editing the pictures, you need to click on the tools button and then choose tune image, it has the fundamental editing features like contrast or brightness.

To increase the brightness of the image you have to swipe right and to decrease the brightness, you must swipe left. As you increase or decrease the brightness of the image, the brightness value will be displayed in numbers at the top. By clicking on the tools button that is visible at the bottom, you can navigate to another tool. If you click and hold on to the picture you will notice the difference between these photos, the original one, and the edited picture.  

Increase the image quality of the photos in Snapseed?

increase quality of image in snapseed
increase quality of image in snapseed

The Tune image tools 

In the Tune image section, the following tools are available. They are brightness, contrast, and saturation. If the pictures are dark, the brightness can be added to the images. In contrast, you will notice the difference between the darkest and the lightest parts of the picture and to make the colors appear more vibrant the saturation tool can be used. The highlights will help to make changes in the intensity of the picture. If the photo is more bright, the highlights can be reduced. The shadows also perform similar functions, but it only highlights the dark areas of the picture. The contrast and saturation can be adjusted simultaneously by using the Ambiance tool. The warmth gives a cool blue tint or a warm orange to the entire image. By making use of this tool a bright orange sky can be turned into a cool blue sky. 

tune image filter for snapseed
tune image filter for snapseed

Structure and sharpness

The structure and sharpness tools are found in detail under the tools section in Snapseed. The structure and sharpness can be applied to the picture that has texture elements, thereby enhancing the details of the images. To avoid any loss of quantity, discreetly make use of tools and zoom in on the parts of the image before making any changes to the picture. 

Add the Vintage feel by making use of Grainy film on Snapseed 

To give a vintage effect on your picture, Grainy film filters can be used. 

HDR Scape

This gives an instant effect on the image, it is a very good tool for bringing out the best in the photo. In the photo of scenery or nature, the HDR scape can give an extraordinary detail about the photo and the hues are extremely saturated. 

hdr and vintage tool
hdr and vintage tool

Work on the composition

If you have a high-quality photo, it is better to crop the picture by using the crop tool. After the object is rightly positioned at the center editing can be done.

Adjust the white balance

The white balance has a color tint. It is quite similar to the warmth feature. Make use of a temperature tool to add warm orange color or cool blue to the picture. From the tint option, pink or green tint can be added to the image. In this way, a dull blue sky can be brightened into a warm purple sky. 

Healing tools 

 Any small errors, blemishes, or spots can be fixed using the healing tool. The insignificant small objects can even be eliminated from the picture. All that you need to do is select the healing tool, zoom in to any part of the photo, and make use of your finger to brush the area for healing. In the beginning, it will be highlighted in red, once you release your finger, the pixels will automatically replace and it will appear just like the surrounding areas. 

Mistakes can be rectified 

Don’t be scared to make any mistakes while you edit the photos. Nothing is completely lost, anytime you could press the undo button. 

In this article, we have discussed how to increase the image quality of the photo. Hope you find this article helpful to edit your photos and improve the image quality of the photo by using the Snapseed app.

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