How To Clear History in Safari Browser – Complete Guide

Developed by Apple, Safari browser is a Web-kit based browser which is supported on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is a very good browser because it has a great search plug-in.  The Safari browser is clean with great supporting shortcuts and security features. In short, Safari helps you to browse the web and enjoy it. Here is the complete guide on how to clear history in Safari Browser.

How to Clear History in Safari Browser

clear history in safari browser

clear history in safari browser


Sometimes however, if you have visited a lot of websites and do not want others to now about it, then it is best to clear the history. Doing so will keep you safe from prying eyes. Also, this practice is advised especially when you are using a public computer.  Please note that when you clear the history in Safari browser, it clears the records from your device.  But it cannot clear the browsing history kept independently by the visited website.

Open the Safari App and go to History.  Select the ‘Clear History’ option. A pop-up menu will appear. Choose the appropriate results that you want, such as what period of browsing time you want to be cleared and so on. This action will remove the history of the web pages visited, their respective icons, recent searches and frequently visited website list. This step can be followed if you are using an old version of Safari.


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Clear Safari History by single entries

There is another way to clear history in Safari browser by deleting single entries or a particular entry.  For this, open Safari and go to History. From the history menu, select the option ‘Show All History’. This action will show all the details of your browsing history.  Select the entry that you want deleted and right-click on it. from the pop-up option, select ‘Delete’.   This step can be repeated to delete some entries.  If the browsing history is too long, there is the option to use the search bar in the top right corner.  Also, the dates can be expanded so you can browse through them and select the required one.

Alternatively, to save time, you can open the Safari app and tap on the ‘bookmarks’ option. It is the open book icon.  A drop-down menu will come up on the screen.  Select the option ‘History’ and then find the entry that you want to be cleared. Swiping to the left will put up the delete button. Press it and the browsing history will be cleared.  This action can be repeated to clear entries individually. click on ‘Done ‘when the action is completed.


clear history in safari browser

clear history in safari browser


clear history in safari browser

clear history in safari browser



Another Way to Clear History in Safari Browser

Another way to clear history in Safari browser is by going to the Settings.  From scroll down to Safari and tap on it.  immediately a pop-up menu will come up asking whether history and Data is to be cleared.  Select the ‘Clear’ button. This action will clear all browsing history.

Safari also has the option wherein you can visit websites and not leave a history. To turn on this, select the option ‘Turn private browsing on or off’ accordingly. For this, go to File and then select the option ’New Private Window’. The shortcut key is Shift+Command+N. this will open a private window in Safari.  When you close this private window, Safari will not keep your search history or auto fill information.  The browsing history in this window remains private.  This window can be identified by its address bar which is in tinted dark Gray.


  1. If you want to keep saved passwords and other autofill information but clear the browsing history, then go to History and ‘Show all history’ option. Press cmd+A to select everything and press the Delete button.  This will retain the website data but remove the browser history.
  2. While using Safari for Windows, go to settings and choose ‘Private Browsing’ option.
  3. If the apple devices are synced using iCloud, then the above actions will clear history on all the devices.


In some cases, the ‘clear history’ appears in Gray which means that parental controls are in place or there is no history or data to clear. To separately block cookies, go to settings, then to Safari and turn on the option ‘Block all Cookies’. This actions however will result in some features of the site not working.

Sometimes it might seem like a big bother to clear history in Safari browser.  But it is a safe practice to follow, and it takes only a few minutes.  doing this step has more advantages than disadvantages.

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