Steps to Cancel Paid Subscriptions On Google Play Store

Right from the time android became a part of our lives; everything is made easy to access. From social media to online streaming websites, creating their respective applications enables it to use and explore various options generally restricted. It also helps all type of audience as installing apps from Google Play and using them frequently without any hurdles is a cakewalk for everyone. Also, there exist certain apps which need payment for their access or whose basic versions are available for free but requires money to unlock premium features.

But, Google Play had made it easier too; you just have to add the payments details of your credit card and subscribe to the respective application. Everything looks quite easy till here, but the real problem arrives when Google Play charges certain said amount from your credit card despite you using it or not. This would be wasting your precious money for a void reason and many of you might be facing the struggle to Cancel Google Play Paid subscriptions. Continue reading this article to discover more facts and methods to unsubscribe & remove payment details on your Google Play in a simpler way possible.

Steps to Cancel Paid Subscriptions On Google Play Store

steps to cancel subscriptions on playstore

steps to cancel subscriptions on playstore

Usually, people come into the wrong notion that uninstalling those paid applications will stop them from charging you. But it doesn’t work that way as you have to think about the root-cause especially where the situation has started. Since you have entered your payment details and enabled the mode of paying the app in Google Play, it is obvious that the unsubscribing process should also happen over there. So, let us explain the entire method step by step to clear your doubts.

  • Open Google Play store.
  • Check whether you have signed into the proper Google account.
  • Click on the “menu” that appears on the left side.
  • You can find an option called ‘Subscriptions’. Tap that.
  • It displays the apps you have subscribed to. Identify the one you have to cancel.
  • Just click on the Manage option “Cancel subscriptions” to stop that application accessing your payment modes.

The above is a brief of explaining the exact simple and the easiest process to simply stop your applications from charging you further.

Coming to a detailed view, you have to begin it from switching on your android device to reaching your ‘Google Play’ or generally addressed as ‘Play store’. There might be multiple Google accounts signed up on your device, but you have to identify which is linked to the payment modes on your devices.

First click the menu on the right side and select the appropriate account on your PLAY STORE. Now you can easily spot an option called “Subscriptions” right there below.

Click on to that, where it displays all applications you have ever subscribed to. Now, click on Manage Option on the applications that you don’t want to use or pay any more.

You need to Click on Cancel Subscription Option to discontinue the services. After that you are asked to again showing the billing period date. Now click on cancel Subscription.

And hence you are successfully cancelled your google play subscription.

This is a simple step that solves your major headache in one go without any worries. But realize that you cannot get any type of refunds on payments that went in vain; this process will only stop them from charging further until you re-subscribe the application.

Removing payment methods from Google Play

Not only cancelling your subscriptions will end all your problems sometimes. As there might be any other reason that not only want you to unsubscribe but also remove the payment methods you have registered in your ‘Google Play’ account. It may be due to security reasons or due to a change in details or you might want to remove your payment details temporarily; whatever it is removing the old details of payment will be the only solution left. But not many are aware of this process, so we have come up with explaining the same to solve all your similar problems at one place. The following is a brief process to eradicate the details of your credit card from your PLAY STORE account.

  • Open Google Play on your device.
  • Tap on the menu and select the right Google account.
  • Click on the “Payment methods” option available over there.
  • You can find “More payment settings” option.
  • Click on the same.
  • This will redirect you to the and asks you to sign in.
  • Do the same as required.
  • Identify the “remove” option and click on the same.
  • Your payment method is removed now.

Remove Payment Methods From Google Play

So, this is the appropriate way to remove your payment mode and other details regarding it from your Google Play account. The process begins by opening your ‘Play Store’ and tapping on the menu option to choose the right Google account you have to add the details to. Moving further, you have to click on “Payment methods” option available and choose ‘more payment settings’ in it.

Now it will ask you to Sign in to your Google account again on and takes you to the particular page where you can find all your payment methods and details stored. Right below, there exists an option called “Remove” and clicking it by once and confirming the same would remove your details linked to your Google account.

This is as simple as it looks without any confusions or complex processes. You can also edit or update your payments details or add furthers modes of payments over there. All you have to do is to find the right option to click on which will help in continuing the same. Add, edit or update and remove are the options provided and clicking on the individual will enlarge the process that you would like to follow. Also, come back to your ‘Google Play’ and check whether payment details exist or not.

Comment your queries below and do let us if you hold any kind of doubts regarding the above mentioned topic. ishoutech will also solve your questions about the related topics where you can ask us to add further articles on “Restoring your subscriptions or adding your payment methods” or any other topic you desire. Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Thank you.

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