Benefits of Renting a Laptop Over Purchasing

Benefits of Renting a Laptop: Are you in a confusion in choosing the best option between renting a laptop & owning a laptop ? Have a look at our article and you will have a clear idea.

Before talking about the benefits of renting a laptop, rather than owning one, once imagine yourself in a situation, I am about to mention.

You wanted to own a laptop:

Amateur or an expert you will still google and find out what laptops you can get depending on the budget, need, offers. After liking one or two laptops, you will ask, discuss, debate with your friend or your techie brother to say which could be the right option for you.

Now you are clear and ready to buy the favourite laptop that won all the rounds and became your target to buy. Here comes the most crucial part, funding for the laptop: you will ask your father and make him buy it for you, or you will find out which instalment is better for you.

Here comes the most awaiting day:

You will get a call from the delivery guy, and now your laptop is literally in your hands. Congratulations !

Before you Switch ON that laptop let me say what could happen and make you realise the mistake you had made by owning one instead of renting one.

Benefits of Renting a Laptop Over Purchasing

Rent a laptop

Rent a laptop

1.Recent hardware is more prone to damage:

As a known fact -old is gold: Hardware that was recently brought is more prone to damage than the old ones already in the market. You may not face any issue with the processor nor the RAM. Components like motherboard, cooling fan, battery backup, screen issues, sound, heating issues, graphic card, either one or more will be faced after one year warranty in the worst-case scenario you are already holding a faulty one in your hands.

2. Tax:

Have you realized that you had just paid 18% GST(9% CGST+9%SGST) for your new brand laptop and if it a desktop monitor >32 inches you had paid 28% GST?

3. Anti-virus:

If you don’t have an anti-virus installed in your laptop, viruses might attack it and gradually slow down your laptop.

4. Return policy:

If you haven’t checked the return policy and want to return it after expiry. Sorry you can’t

5. Service Centre:

If you face any problems you will, you should look for a lucky service centre if you found any nearby. Deposit it over there and pray that they won’t change any parts and the same problem will not occur again.

If you haven’t made a mistake and bought yourself your laptop, Now you can lease it and don’t think about ant hardware or software complaints if you found any just return that picks another one of your choices. No need to pay additional amounts than the lease amount. Service you don’t even need to bother about it. It is available 24/7. Make a smart decision and rent a laptop.

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