AOL Mail Login & Sign UP- Registration Guide

Aol Mail Login & Sign up: is also known as American Online. In the year of 1997 October, it was the most significant email provider. Around 9 million subscribers were present. Initially, it was an online service provider and web portal that was mainly based in New York City. Originally it provided dial-up service to the people of the United was the market leader in the world of internet during the 1990’s. it was the most renowned brand.

About AOL Mail

In the year of 1997, AOL launched its Net Mail. It was mainly an e-mail service. First, it was criticized very much because it was working only on internet explorer. But later on, with the help of a written version of java, it became compatible along with Netscape Navigator. In the year 1999 December, on the web, it was renamed as AOL the year 2004; it started testing free mail service for the public so that people would not have to subscribe to AOL to access this service. The company did it a free mail service so that it can give proper competition to its competitor mainly to MSN Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo 2005; it was launched with another name called AIM 2006 AOL became free for public without any charges.

AOL Mail Features

1)    Communicate instantly

It allows a user to communicate with your family and friends that will send through instant messaging. A user can configure with AIM messenger that provides the facility of sending and receiving instant messages right through your AOL mail service.

2)    Calendar and events

It another beautiful features of AOL Mail. It helps in creating user its event and the calendar entry in which the user can complete its work along with teamwork within the given time. Calendar and events is an essential feature of AOL Mail.

3)    It provides “to do feature“-

AOL Mail provides a proper and impressive feature so that you can remember and add work and task which a user has to do it shortly.

For example- if you have to give a call to someone like to your friend or someone from your family in the evening, then you can add this task to your to-do feature. Once you have added, it will provide notification at the specified time that it is time you have to perform your task.

4)    It provides a blog panel

Just to the side of to do link and calendar, there a link available for helps in the creation and entry of your AOL journal in it. A service of the free blog includes all the AOL Mail accounts. Once you click on the blog link; you will have to fill the body and subject before posting the blog. After doing, you can press save. Once you have done all these things, you can share it with your friends only and also to the public if you want.

AOL Mail Login & Sign UP – Registration Guide

Aol Mail Login

Aol Mail Login

Here are some steps which are required for AOL mail signup process

  1. First, launch your browser and search for the AOL website in your search bar.
  2. Then select the related option and then click on the Aolmail Sign-Up option, which will be available on the first page.
  3. After that, you have to enter all the details like email address your name. You should check that you have added the full name along with the email address required.
  4. Once you are done with filling up the details, click on the check option. You have to check the username which you have added is available or not.
  5. Once you are done with this, it’s time for securing your account. You have to enter a password and retype the same password so that the given password is confirmed. The password should have a special character and also lowercase and uppercase letters.
  6. Next, go to the drop-down menu and select your appropriate age.
  7. After that, you have entered the area zip code and then select your gender.
  8. Next is you will be asked is the security question. You can choose it from the menu only.
  9. After it is completed, you will be asked to provide an alternative email ID or any mobile number. It a very important thing required. It will help you in retrieving the password if you have forgotten it.
  10. Then click on “next” to proceed further.
  11. You will have to fill the Captcha to verify that you are human, not a robot. You have to type the letters or numbers properly, which will be shown to you.
  12. Once this step is completed, then you can click on sign-up to complete your process. You can login aol mail with the user id & password next time.

AOL mail Login Process:

Some steps which will help you in AOL Mail Login process-

  • Launch your web browser then search for the AOL mail account there or type “”.
  • After that AOL mail account, the home page will come on the main screen.
  • Then click on the option of Sign-in to go further.
  • After that, you will be asked to enter your valid email address along with the right password that you have given. Do it very carefully so that you can log in with an easy and secure process.

5)    Once you are done with this, you can access your AOL mail account and check your important emails conveniently.


AOL has made it very easier to connect it with your friends and families very easily. It helps in exchanging emails in a very secure manner and in a straightforward way. The platform it provides is very user-friendly, and you can handle it very comfortably. It provides service of exchanging emails along with that it also provides various online services. This mail is mainly used by corporate companies, which help the employees to get connected. AOL has made the work easier for the big organization. AOL is considered one of the best mailing services globally. The service provided by it is sometimes called AIM is a product of an American online company.

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