Google Business Listing: If you are a budding entrepreneur or the one who owns a local business and lack promotion, then you must certainly learn about listing your business on Google. We all know how important it is to advertise and how this little task will pay off huge over the long term. Also, surveys say that most of the people who search our business also reach it.

So, ignoring this crucial step is mere negligence towards your business. Apart from the general advertisement, there is this one medium. “Google” has become a large part of our lives and anything is learnt in one search. So, there might be thousands of internet users who are in need of your business. The lack of acknowledgement to your business will be solved by listing your business on Google Maps.

Google My Business Listing- How to Add Business Listing on Google

Benefits of Listing on Google 

Earlier, it wasn’t very easy to list your business online. Getting ranked in the search results is called Search engine Optimization. And getting noted on Google was indeed a tough task. But with the help of “Google My Business”, everything has become quite easy and quick. But before learning about the process to list your business on Google, let’s learn their uses. Here are some important facts and benefits you can avail by listing your business on Google.

Free Publicity:

Yes, to get listed on ‘Google My Business’ is absolutely free of cost and your business will be famous with every search.

Optimized visibility during the search:

Apart from having your own business website, to list it on Google is a different thing. It will give a clear and observable search result regarding your business.

Provides Location:

Generally, when your business is ranked in Google by your website, it will generally don’t end up showing appropriate location. But listing on ‘Google My Business’ will help many customers or random users in finding your correct address without any hindrances.

Communicates in a higher level:

Google search is more powerful than any other advertising medium. As it is the most common and heavily used search engine, the whereabouts of your business speaks volumes when listed.

Essential information is showcased:

Apart from just disclosing your business, listing it on Google provides all valuable and crucial details that are favorable in learning about it.

Insights of business:

The customers can learn more about the detailed analysis of your business and its progress as ‘Google My Business’ will make them accessible to your business insights.

Direct communications with customers:

As ‘Google My Business’ is related to all other Google products, it helps your customers and other essential people to contact you directly through Hangouts messenger.

Quick feedback:

Many customers actually provide feedback about your business through Google reviews. It actually helps in boosting your business, as many people rely on the reviews alone to find out your authenticity.

Google analytics tools:

Google Analytics is an extra special feature you can benefit through listing your business on Google. It will help you track the traffic visiting your website and you can constantly improve your site based on the calculations.

How to Add Business Listing on Google Maps 

add business listing
add business listing

Till now, we have learned about why listing your Business on Google is useful and how it is going to help you. Now we are going to provide a clear method to list the business. We have described the whole process in a step by step method which gives you both a brief and elaborate view.

Steps to List your Business :

  • Create a Google account for your Business: Go to and create a business account by entering your details like Name, Address, Phone number, Website and Delivery area.
  • Categorise your business based on the prompts provided by Google.
  • Reach Google Maps: Go to Google Maps and search for your business location. If your business shows up there then ignore this step. If it doesn’t then do add your location to let Google know about your Business. Just click on “Add the place” to do so.
  • Add a physical location: Even if your business is already visible on Google Maps, it is not a reliable way to spot your address. So, add your location details clearly without missing any details.
  • Tap on submit: When you fill all the needed information, just press submit.
  • Wait for Email: Generally within 24 hours, Google will send you a verification email to let you know that you are actively listed on it.
  • Tap on the link sent through email: This is the final step to cross-check whether the information you provided is properly included or not.

The above process is the simplest method to list your business on Google. This can be achieved in a few minutes through following it as exactly mentioned above. You have to begin by creating a Google account and adding your location on Google Maps. Don’t miss out any details as it is the only way customers recognize you and it is not healthy risking it with wrong information. But generally, the listing process doesn’t accurately end here. It involves claiming your business, which is determinedly explained further.

Claiming your Business Listing:

After creating a business listing on Google, you need to claim it to add other essential details and to acknowledge Google that the business belongs to you. And this claiming process gives access to your Business information, which can be edited and modified as per your changing needs. Below is a step wise method to claim your Business listing on Google.

Steps to claim Business Listing:

  • Go to Business maps: Reach Google Maps and search your business location or simply tap on the link sent by Google through email.
  • Press on “Claim this business”: You will be provided with numerous options and you have to choose “Claim this business”, which is a primary step in doing so.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a page where you have to provide all your business and personal information as asked and click on the necessary links given there.

These simple steps help in claiming your business listing as your own. Suppose you discover your business listing prepared by others, then you have to be verified with Google whose process will be arrived if you keep following the steps as asked by it.

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How to verify your business

There are many ways to verify your Google My Business

  • By Postcard
  • Through Phone
  • Through Email

By Postcard

  1. Login to your Google My Business and choose the business you want to verify
  2. Mention your business address correctly. Add a contact name- to whom the postcard will be addressed to
  3. Click on mail. The post card will be received in five days
  4. Login to Google My Business and then click on verify now and enter the five-digit verification on the post card and click submit

Through Phone

  1. Choose the business you want to verify
  2. Make sure your phone number was correct, then choose “verify by Phone”
  3. Enter the verification code from the text you receive

Through Email

  1. Choose the Business you want to verify
  2. Make sure your email address is correct, then choose “verify by Email”
  3. Go to your inbox, open the email from Google My Business, and click the verification button in the email


This is the complete information regarding business listing on Google. We have given the benefits and the whole process in doing it. Comment here to let us know about queries and we will reach you shortly.

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